Creating .dsk file for MSX game.

By dj78

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31-05-2010, 08:40

Hi, I'm new to the forum. The reason I joined is that I found an old Altered Beast disk I had for MSX, a friend of mine ripped the files they are... ABEAST.000, ABEAST.001, ABEAST.002, ABEAST.003, ABEAST.004, ABEAST.005, ABEAST.006, ABEAST.007, ABEAST.COM, COMMAND.COM, MSXDOS.SYS... My only question is... How do I run this on an emulator? Every MSX emulator that I have found asks me for a .dsk file or .rom file, you can't open any of my files. I even tried openning the ABEAST.COM file in DOS box as I stupidly assumed MSX-DOS and DOS are similar. No sucess, I'm familiar with emulation and roms, usually I'd find my own answer but this time I'm completely stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. LOL!


By Eugeny_Brychkov

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31-05-2010, 08:49

In BlueMSX (not sure it can be done in other emulators - just check yours) it is possible to insert "directory": File->Disk Drive A->Insert Directory. Just copy all these files to any dir on your PC (ensuring that size of dir does not exceed 720K) and insert it into your emulator.

By dj78

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31-05-2010, 08:55

I can't believe it. Worked right away in BlueMSX! I overlooked that option thinking i'd need to create a disk image, haha. Thanks a lot.

By cidra

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31-05-2010, 19:10

Or you can just use Disk Manager to create dsk files.

By Hydragon

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31-05-2010, 23:03

in openMSX you can use the DirAsDisk option. Tongue

By SLotman

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31-05-2010, 23:13

You should try this Alteread Beast, which has a lot of fixes/improvements from the original Speccy convertion :)