Best non-japanese MSX games?

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By MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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01-07-2010, 17:40

Shark Hunter

Spy Vs. Spy II (doesn´t have music though)

Many Gremlin Graphics games

Boulder Dash and Boulder Dash 2

North Sea Helicopter

Chuckie Egg

Les Flics (there´s TWO different versions on SAME compilation, not on same tape though, one has PINK PANTHER as "hero", other has human burglar)

Maxima (good and varied "space invaders")

Mr. Wong´s Loopy Laundry (well, maybe two or three stars out of five, but I like itSmile)

Time Bandits (simple graphics, but good shooting action!)

Turmoil (Bug-Byte)

Buzz Off!


Auf Wiedersehen Monty


BC´s Quest For Tires

Grog´s Revenge (BC´s II)

Krak-Out! (sorry, Spectrum conversion, and no in-game music, but good game indeed!Smile)

On strategy games department: Special Operations Smile

Light synthesizer: Psychedelia (msx conversion made from Jeff Minter original!Big smile)

By pacpacfujishima

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02-07-2010, 09:25

MäSäXi: wow I wasn't aware of the 2 Zaxxon ports for MSX Shocked! thanks for pointing this ! Great list as well!

Lazzeri: yes Elite! The MSX version is one of the best versions (I've tried several versions, ZX Spectrum, Amiga etc) the MSX version has somehow best gameplay during the space combat, the ZX Spectrum the worst becase of too much inertia in ship's pitch controls. Yes I know Av Paulista, Amazonia, Pedra da Gavea... Wink

By tcruise

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02-07-2010, 15:42

Being completely self serving I would of course say Pyxidis - my own shooter Smile

But on other peoples games I would go for Elite as well, I put in some serious play time on that one. With my 2nd choice being Lode Runner, a well rendered game, with addictive game play.

By pacpacfujishima

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03-07-2010, 09:48

tcruise: wow, I never heard about you shmup until now! I've did a quick google search and reached this site, indeed looks interesting, like perhaps Star Force by Hudson Soft. I understand that you tried to published Pyxidis through ASCII japan, but in the end it didn't worked out, is that right?

By wolf_

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03-07-2010, 10:08

I'd like to know where you ppl would place Montana John in this story.. Tongue Is it worthy enough?

By robertwilting

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03-07-2010, 11:24

Montana John. Was decent, but not the best non-japanese msx game. Sorry but other EUropean Groups have flooded a lot of games which were better.

But this topic has given me a great idea for something to pull off if I can find time.

By tcruise

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04-07-2010, 10:17

pacpacfujishima: Yeah ASCII Corporation sent me a letter inviting me send stock of several titles; Pyxidis, Video Grafitti and Meteor Shower/Birds of Orion. But the killler for me at the time was that I needed to send 1,000 copies of each title. Being 16 at the time, and my only income coming from working part time at a games store, I couldn't afford to buy all of the blank tapes, let alone work out how I would actually duplicate them all. All my tape covers were only black and white photocopies too. It did kick me into a gear though, as a short time later I started getting quite a few orders for my games, and ended up earning enough money, that it would have been a lot easier. Everything is all about timing Smile
Can't complain, have ended up writing good of software, just not in the games industry.
Am still looking at making a cartridge compilation of the machine code titles, and all of the BASIC ones will be available for download for free. Still having problems reading the source disks. Ordered a MSX 2+ from BAS, but it did not survive the trip (long way to Tassie). I'll get there eventually Smile Been a bit busy with normal work, plus work+ (i.e. all the apps I get asked to write - and get paid for), so hobby stuff ends up coming a fair way down the list.

By dhau

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04-07-2010, 23:28

I think Breaker (c) 1987 Radarsoft is absolutely fabulous.

By RobertVroemisse

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05-07-2010, 00:15

Yeah! Breaker rules. Great gameplay, fabulous scrolling and very colorfull graphics.

By RobertVroemisse

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05-07-2010, 00:16

I'd like to know where you ppl would place Montana John in this story.. Tongue Is it worthy enough?

And what about Bombaman? Wink

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