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by knm1983 on 01-07-2014, 14:15
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By Kai Magazine

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05-10-2014, 18:24

Finally we made it! Thanks to Xavi Sorinas and Manuel Pazos, we managed to create and publish working versions of our games.
We created 16 mega roms cartridges! (2048k cartridges!!)
something very rare on the MSX world!

The games are available to be purchased for an amount of 29,90 Euro each (plus shipping)

In case you want to purchase any of them please contact us to the mail:


We are working in a compilation of the 3 games plus an spectacular bonus cinematic demo from the unrealased game "System Saver"
This means we are creating a 64 mega rom cartridge!! (8192k)
Something never seen before on an MSX!! (as far as we know)

This compilation is under developement but it will be ready for distribution in 10 days approx, so you can pre-order as of now.

The price for the compilation of the 3 games + the bonus demo is 36,90 + shipping.

We sincerelly hope you like it!

By Kai Magazine

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18-10-2014, 22:02

The wait is over! now on sale! the Kai magazine compilation include the games:
No Name
and bonus demo "system saver".

All in one 64 MegaROM cartridge (Historical Record on the MSX system) and SCC chip integrated for the game LILO and the demo System Saver .

FM Pac or Music Module is required for NUTS or NO NAME

All for 36.90 + shipping.

Thanks to all who did the pre-order and those who already placed the purchase :)

To the rest of you, you canplace orders to the address:


Thank you very much to all of you for supporting the system!
Best regards!