Amadeus Player

by Robosoft on 18-08-2012, 11:55

Roboamad is a commandline psg (AY-3-8912) music replayer for ZX spectrum 128+ Amadeus files.

This program was an unfinished Robosoft project, we recently found the WBASS sourcecode and songs on our crashed (and recovered) 40 MB SCSI harddrive . The original code dates from 1996.

Usage: roboamad

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By denjhang

Rookie (21)

denjhang의 아바타

30-04-2021, 02:57

Roboamad does play slower. For example, avtak.ama, after playing for one second, the speed of the music will be half or even slower. For atomix.ama, after playing for about two seconds, the music speed slows down significantly.
I used msx2+ to run the program on openmsx and overclocked the z80 to 14mhz.

By ToriHino

Paladin (704)

ToriHino의 아바타

02-05-2021, 09:27

Do you have a link to those files? Might be a bug in the player.

By ToriHino

Paladin (704)

ToriHino의 아바타

02-05-2021, 13:36

Never mind, found them. However they play just at the correct speed on my setup.

By Robosoft

Expert (92)

Robosoft의 아바타

02-05-2021, 14:58

Yes, tested them here also on a real Turbo-R, and play fine!