Dome Demo Builds

by JGM on 29-01-2021, 23:21

Development builds of Paragon Productions' real-time strategy game "Dome" provided by JGM who originally downloaded them from the Paragon-MSX site.
Provided with permission from Whizzy and Leon of Paragon.

The various disk images show the game in various stages of development.

첨부 파일파일 크기다운로드최종 다운로드
Dome-alpha1.dsk720 KB523일 8시간 지남
Dome-alpha3.dsk720 KB452주 4일 지남
Dome-beta.dsk720 KB363일 3시간 지남
Dome-tilburg99.dsk720 KB285일 20시간 지남

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JGM의 아바타

24-02-2021, 11:28

Dome-alpha3 is best playable, but in blue MSX you need to press ctrl to boot correctly.
press space for building units. If you only want to build heavy tanks, move the heavy tank, leave the rest in place (quad, trike and light tankt) and press space again.