This program is a Linux scritp program that has the following features:

01.- Script for pseudo portable installation in current user's profile for openMSX TSX Advanced
02.- Only the essential dependencies are installed as the system (root)
03.- Auto installation of the dependencies of the own menu "on the fly"
04.- Optional installation of spanish translation of internal OSD
05.- Auto download and installation of the "systemroms" in the emulator
06.- Clean uninstall of this version without touching the systemr
07.- Installation of libraries post 18.04 but compatible
08.- Installation of latest openMSX in Ubuntu 18.04 & derivatives
09.- Support of files in .TSX format (openMSX TSX fork)
10.- IPS support integrated in .TSX container file (TSX Advanced)
11.- Fedora support (*should* work, not tested too much)
12.- Modular code with comments to help you create your own scripts
13.- Transparent MOD "Raspbian compatible"
14.- Linux Mint 19.3, Ubuntu 18.04 support
15.- Fedora Linux support versions 30 and up
16.- GIT Download, Cloning & compiling from official GIT server
17.- Compile and install official openMSX binaries from GIT