by bosh77 on 01-10-2021, 18:09

MSX basic compiler to convert your basic files in assembly language.
Works on Windows

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By cel

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09-11-2021, 09:59

love this... how fast is it? is it close enough to writing in assembly directly? Also are more instructions going to be included? and does it support the instructions of msx2? Keep up the good work

By foody

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foody의 아바타

03-12-2021, 22:43

This is a dream come true!!! I love this big time! This means for future MSX game developers they no longer needing to know assembly. They can code in BASIC and make all the games they want, compile it in ROM and have this ROM turn into physical cartridge in the future if they wanted too.



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04-12-2021, 17:51

Does it support paged roms?