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20190909;ro;Finally managed to update this entry with Orc v1.20. Note you have to copy the new oracle.lib file from 1.20 to the fulle oracle 1.10 download files. The v1.20 file is a single file to update the previous version.

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Oracle1.10349.36 KB16031일 7시간 지남
Oracle1.2060.69 KB1791일 7시간 지남


By chpicolo

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25-11-2013, 06:18

Awesome!!! Big smile

By Manuel

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08-09-2019, 21:03

Can this version be updated to 1.20, ro? Or add the 1.20 download as well..?

By ro

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ro의 아바타

09-09-2019, 12:39


By Pencioner

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09-09-2019, 14:09

is downloads counter broken now?

By ro

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ro의 아바타

09-09-2019, 14:24

yes, the downloadcount is only for the whole download set (not per individual file.. I know, kinda dumb)

By Meits

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22-02-2021, 21:48

Is there a way to actually run this?

NMS8250: 128K passed -> out of memory
NMS8250 with 1MB: booting but garbled screen
NMS8250 with 1MB and DOS2: booting but garbled screen
FSA1GT halts after memory check

Copying oracle120.lib over oracle.lib (renamed it to that) didn't change a thing.

I remember I had it running back in the 90s on a sony 700, but i don't know where the original disk went.

By Randam

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22-02-2021, 22:10

Meits, I checked my own oracle 1.10 and that works fine on turbo r, back in the day and now on emu. Haven't tried to update it yet. Was 1.20 released back in the day?

By Meits

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22-02-2021, 23:30

I'm not sure when 1.20 came. I remember it working as well, but I can't get this package to work.

By ro

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23-02-2021, 08:45

meh, I hear you. A short while ago I had the same experience on other stuff. I realized I had the kernel still in debug mode which demands a few mappers extra and in that case 512 MB machines would work. I can only guess I dun the same on the 1.2 release, forgot to close the debug mode.

now you're telling me this, after a long time. version 1.2 was done in... 2005 or something?

Might as well be my next little revising project... get the damn thing running on 128 machines again. whahahahaamoehahahahahaa. dus.

By selios2000

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23-02-2021, 14:32

Does not work either with Zemmix with 4mb.