RoboSID 2.1

by ToriHino on 22-04-2023, 09:47

An update of RoboSID 2.0 which fixes some bugs, especially for the pulse width modulation.

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By giuseve

Paladin (813)

giuseve의 아바타

02-05-2023, 19:28

Great. Thanks !
Just a question.
I use MULTIMENTE to play music customizing its file MMRET.DAT

I successufly setup Multimente to play .DR0 files with roboplay adding


I put ROBOSID in the same folder as roboplay and added


with no results, because robosid says "invalid parameter"

Could you help me?


By ToriHino

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02-05-2023, 20:21

Try using

By selios2000

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selios2000의 아바타

09-06-2023, 09:29

Thank you very much for your effort.