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This patch will make your games that have PSG music sound a little bit better by using the Konami SCC cartridge instead of the internal PSG.


by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

This TSR can be used to enhange PSG sounds with SCC. Please feel free to use it in your projects. You may also want to try it with existing programs.

Please note: This program works only with applications that handle interrupts in standard way trough BIOS.

Minimum system requirements:
- 16KB RAM

This entertaining turboR tool uses the MSX-Audio microphone to shift incoming audio (e.g. your voice) to a higher or lower pitch real time.

ReMIF 1.1

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

A fully MSX-DOS 2 supported MIF file viewer. It contains a slide show option.

rMSX 1.3

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

A new generation of the former MSX1EMU, the MSX1 emulator for turbo-R. It's now possible to enjoy all the MSX2 goodies directly from your harddrive!

rMSX 1.3 Freeware edition

by NYYRIKKI on 01-04-2016, 21:05

Full freeware version of rMSX, the MSX & MSX2 emulator for MSX turbo R that allows you to play cassette and disk games directly from HDD and return back to DOS after playing.


by gdx on 20-12-2017, 09:31

RNDLOAD allows you to randomly execute a DOS command. This is particularly useful for randomly launching a screen saver for MultiMente.

ROGO language Card ROM

by gdx on 17-06-2019, 11:03

Version modified to replace the original ROM for the SVI-2000 using an eprom programmer.

With this new ROM you can Press CTRL at MSX start up until the beep to skip its execution. Then you can enter CALL ROGO under BASIC to excute it.

Adapts ROM image files to a COM files. Supported ROM image files are 8 KB, 16 KB and 32 KB.

ROM Xtractor 1.01

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

ROM extraction tool. The ROM image files created can be used for MSX emulators for example.

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