Weird MSX Games?

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By JohnHassink

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18-03-2017, 11:40

tfh wrote:

That works fine indeed... And euhm... That's kinda graphic... ROFL!

Well, how else would you have pictured an MSX2 version? Big smile

By santiontanon

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18-03-2017, 16:59

@sd_snatcher, ha! being from Spain I grew up with the games from Dinamic being in the cover of all the magazines, so, for me they are mainstream! but reading your post classifying them as weird made me realize that maybe those games rarely made it out of Spain?! So, just to expand on additional sources of "weird" games for people from outside Spain, then don't stop at Dinamic, there are many other games that perhaps are not known at all from companies like Opera soft, TOPO soft, Zigurat, Made in Spain, etc.! Smile

By wyrdwad

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18-03-2017, 19:28

I don't know if Heisanevilgenius is still checking this topic, but one game that I haven't seen anyone mention yet is Frantic. That game's entire premise is just... really, really odd. And when when you're actually playing it, it's even stranger. Wink Really fun, though, and the music is outstanding.

Here's the intro, which sets up the premise (uploaded to YouTube by me, which also means it's played at 60 Hz and may thus be running a little faster than intended):

And some gameplay showing the first and second stages (not uploaded to YouTube by me, and I *think* it's being played at 50 Hz, though it's been a while so I can't really tell):


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