What do you think now of the products you made long time ago?

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By flyguille

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11-11-2004, 18:13

that are greats programs for that time (1991).

By MrRudi

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11-11-2004, 18:20

I've made nothing I feel ashamed off, since each product presents a certain point in my 'career'. I do think i could have done a lot better, with the experience I have now. See the snowfall challenge demo, in the nineties I would never have been able to draw such a picture on MSX.

By Low_Profile

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11-11-2004, 18:28

in my case it's also not really 'ashamed' just gradations of 'least proud to most proud' ^_^

By tfh

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11-11-2004, 20:02

I saw this thread and started digging a bit on my old MEP CD's to see if I could find the stuff I made in the past. Well, since I actually didn't make that much myself it I spend most of the time of getting that old CD working again, in stead of actually searching, but that is beside the point.

First of all a game wrote a long, long time ago. It was called "Vallende Sterren" and the listing was published in MSX-Info when I was 12 (18 years ago, yeah.. I am getting old). Well, the game was very, very simple.. but it still plays quite nicely though Smile
Later on in Fony I made some ProTracker music for various productions:
Tocatta & Fuga by Bach, which was used in FDD#2: I must say it still sounds quite nice Smile
End-Tune of Eggbert: Sounds quite boring if I listen to it now...
I also made the FDD #2 Promo Demo (http://www.file-hunter.com/fdd2prom.html), except for the graphic though. Completely basic, except for the ProTracker Player. Well, I still like the song (which I "coppied" from an Amiga demo), the rest simply suxx :)
For the rest I did nothing worth mentioning for Fony :) Except for running the BBS and supplying files (hence my nick)
I must say I still enjoy FDD#1 and FDD#2 though. Makes me remember the meetings we had, brainstorming about these demo's :) :) Those good old days!

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