Southern Kantou MSX users meeting

by Latok on 26-01-2005, 18:57
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Right here you can find a small photoshoot on the latest Southern Kantou MSX users meeting which took place last sunday. This is a meeting, especially for the Japanese MSX users living in and around Tokyo.

If you want to know a bit more about these meetings, we suggest you read this article, written by Bernard Lamers.

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By Abi

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Abi의 아바타

26-01-2005, 19:45

mmm I had expected more MSX users in tokyo. Are you sure that it is a MSX meeting? I see no MSX computer or hardware ? or am i wrong?

By manu

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manu의 아바타

26-01-2005, 22:15

Welcome to my incomplete page. ;-)
I will retouch the report and open that page to the public formally later.
But now, there are a few photograph only.

That meeting is correct in "southern-KANTOU MSX users' gathering".
This number of participation was 26 people. The number of participation has not been changing for these several years.
(Before, 50 nearby participants had existed.)

The number of enthusiastic MSX fans that try to participate in all MSX events has decreased. Because, all grew old. ;-)
I think only that the heavy-users decreased and the light-users increased. because 200 more person had come to event of ASCII sponsoring.

Originally, "Gathering" started to offer the place for the MSX user to get together and enjoy themselves readily by off-line.
It doesn't look like the meeting of MSX, because general game machines other than MSX are brought in,

It has not been held in Japan now, because large energy is needed to prepare the MSX festival that can be very enjoyed.
And, the meeting alone that did not seem to be the MSX meeting remained.

By Vincent van Dam

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27-01-2005, 09:17

I also have that Yamaha keyboard; it has a YM2413 (MSX Music) chip in it and midi-out.