Magical Kid Wiz remake - demo

by snout on 24-07-2006, 11:18
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Source: Remakes Zone

On the Remakes Zone forum, Calantra released a demo of his upcoming remake of the 1986 MSX game Magical Kid Wiz, an addictive platform game released by Sony. In the third post in the forum thread you can find a link to a playable demo of the remake.

Relevant link: Magical Kid Wiz remake - announcement

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By ro

Guardian (4164)

ro의 아바타

24-07-2006, 21:07

kewl, I loved that one!

By Whizzy

Master (198)

Whizzy의 아바타

25-07-2006, 21:21

Wow this used to be one of my favourite MSX games !

By shaiwa

Champion (384)

shaiwa의 아바타

26-07-2006, 14:04

Did someone ever finished this game ?
Heard some rumors that at the end of that cloud jumping thing you'll find a castle and you have to fight a snake there.
Anyone knows more ??

By Huey

Prophet (2650)

Huey의 아바타

26-07-2006, 14:58

By shaiwa

Champion (384)

shaiwa의 아바타

26-07-2006, 16:21

Thanks,.... Looking at the end, how many round are there ??
Well, i've never managed to finish the first round.

By snout

Ascended (15187)

snout의 아바타

26-07-2006, 16:33

High time for a map, Fabio! ^_^

By only_69

Hero (565)

only_69의 아바타

03-06-2007, 16:11

Snout, I really tried some time ago. This game is really difficult and weird to map because of the scrolling and other things. But I will give another try.

By jltursan

Prophet (2273)

jltursan의 아바타

05-06-2007, 15:43

Funny that being one of my first cartridges, I managed to complete the game several times; but I cannot remember the way, I can barely remember something about enter through doors in an exact order and maybe something about having some object/s to get to some memory is fading out quickly...Crying

By mohai

Paladin (865)

mohai의 아바타

11-06-2007, 13:58

I finished this game a couple of times.

In order to finish this game, you have to kill all the 3 dragons. If you want to see them, you have to kill them in the correct order (although, this is not necessary, because you can kill them while being invisible). After climbing all the way through the clouds and collect the 3 keys from the dragons, you can reach a "princess"... (i will ommit the final surprise).

After finishing the game, you can continue, but difficult is increased and warp doors work different...Wink

By arseniy

Supporter (5)

arseniy의 아바타

14-09-2019, 23:20

Always wanted to make a game based on something like M.K.Wiz Sad Black Mage from Final Fantasy 1 reminds me the game hero.

By OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1338)

OeiOeiVogeltje의 아바타

15-09-2019, 00:06

where is it???

By arseniy

Supporter (5)

arseniy의 아바타

15-09-2019, 11:01

the page with says it's not exist anymore. So it's nowhere on internet. Maybe only someone who downloaded it by chance still have it.

By msx45

Supporter (8)

msx45의 아바타

15-09-2019, 20:08

Hello ,
here is a link for the file wiz demo

Best regards