fMSX 3.1

by snout on 03-01-2007, 12:47
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Marat Fayzullin has released a new version of fMSX, the portable MSX emulator from which many other MSX emulators were derived. In this new version, the following changes were made:

  • fMSX-Windows and fMSX-DOS are now compiled with OpenWatcom C++ and use the new EMULib framework. Note that keyboard assignments have changed
  • Added hardware reset key ([F11]) to reboot MSX
  • Added universal screen buffer based Z80 debugger ([F10]) that works on all platforms
  • Added universal configuration menu ([F8]) that works on all platforms
  • Added ResetMSX() function to restart MSX, possibly in a new operating mode
  • Extended LoadCart() function to load or eject cartridges at runtime
  • Added Mode variable to store all configuration options
  • Replaced -vperiod/-hperiod settings with easier to understand -PAL/-NTSC settings
  • Replaced -uperiod setting with a finer -skip setting that controls the percentage of skipped frames
  • Fixed Z80 NMI handling to comply with the standard
  • Fixed SRAM file saving
  • Fixed state file name generation
  • Added autofire options for joystick buttons
  • fMSX-Windows has got a new menu-based GUI, improved sound, and faster graphics updates
  • Fixed USB joypad support in fMSX-Windows
  • fMSX-MSDOS now uses 16BPP screen mode
  • Updated the documentation

Registered fMSX uses will receive, or already have received, their copy of fMSX by e-mail.

Relevant link: fMSX website

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By snout

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03-01-2007, 13:09

Hmm on my ATI-9700 powered notebook the fullscreen mode looks quite... odd... to say the least.

By dioniso

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dioniso의 아바타

03-01-2007, 14:10

In the screenshots part you can see the Raster Overjump Demo from "Mantra".

Jai guru de va om.

By jltursan

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jltursan의 아바타

03-01-2007, 19:39


By Vampier

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Vampier의 아바타

04-01-2007, 02:31

Please pay $25,- or download any free alternative Wink (is *nix still free?)

By only_69

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only_69의 아바타

04-01-2007, 14:00

Why pay for that if we have great emulators like openmsx and bluemsx?


Paladin (1012)


04-01-2007, 17:59

i would not pay 25 for an emulator way to expencive........ what about the MSX copyrights Wink (system roms etc)BA-team

By Samor

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Samor의 아바타

04-01-2007, 19:17

I think MSXPLAYer was based on fMSX, so he's probably safe there (if he's including them).

$25 is a bit expensive IMO, but that's the author's choice.

By pitpan

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pitpan의 아바타

05-01-2007, 10:03

And he dares to use the ZX Spectrum font for the MSX options and debugger. Sad

By hap

Paragon (2042)

hap의 아바타

05-01-2007, 13:10

And Marat's lurking here silently, almost in tears from reading these negative comments Wink

Anyway, nice to see fMSX is still alive. It was my favourite MSX emulator back in the DOS/Win95 days.

By Samor

Prophet (2165)

Samor의 아바타

05-01-2007, 14:03

yes, but that was marcel dekogel's port Wink

just for the record, I wasn't being negative. Just pointed out the price tag. Magic Engine is cheaper, for example.

By hap

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hap의 아바타

05-01-2007, 15:37

I don't think he minds actually Tongue

By Samor

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Samor의 아바타

05-01-2007, 16:33

probably not Tongue

By iamweasel2

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iamweasel2의 아바타

06-01-2007, 14:35

Well, fMSX played a major role in the beginning of msx emulation, no doubt about that... But now it is really behind the top emulators, despite the fact its development begun 13 years ago. Its a piece of msx emulation history, it is not the future anymore, thats how I believe we should consider it.