SjASM 0.4 beta 1

by wolf_ on 29-02-2008, 17:08
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The Dutch duo XL2s has released a beta version of their cross-development assembler SjASM. SjASM is a two pass macro Z80 assembler which runs on Windows or Linux. As it's a beta version, 100% stability isn't yet guaranteed. However, for those who are nonetheless interested there is Win32 build and a Debian Linux build to download!

Relevant link: XL2s

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By msd

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msd의 아바타

29-02-2008, 21:04

Great!.. I see some stuff is removed. What is the reason for that?

By sjoerd

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sjoerd의 아바타

01-03-2008, 10:12

- some things are 'too difficult' to implement right. ex af,af' for example.
- some things I rarely, if ever, used myself. So I did not implement the fake instructions, which can be easily faked with macros anyway. I also rarely used nested structures.
- some things have a new syntax. ld a,(hl++) instead of ldi a,(hl).
- some things are on the to do-list.
- some things were just stupid. like ld hl,"kl", dc 45,34 and so on.

Sjasm 0.4 may become more 'SjASM 0.3 compatible' in the future.

By Kwik

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Kwik의 아바타

02-03-2008, 15:12

I love it already! The 'code' and 'page' directives come in handy when making ROM images that consist of several banks. Keep up the good work!