blueMSX 2.8

by hap on 08-06-2008, 13:30
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Out of the blue, the blueMSX team, with hap (the outspoken Audrey Tautou fan who is best known for his meisei MSX1 emulator) as freshly recruted programmer, released a new version of their MSX emulator. The list of changes is quite big, so we'll only mention the most significant ones. For the full list, check the manual that comes with the emulator.

  • added support for Matra INK, and Jaleco Moero!! Nettou Yakyuu mappers
  • added emulation of turbo-R DRAM mode, and updated turbo-R disk controller emulation
  • added MSX keyboard matrix quirk emulation, e.g. pressing X+Z+J results in X+Z+H+J
  • rewritten SG-1000/Colecovision audio chip (SN76489) emulation
  • fixed DirectSound bug that happened on constant intervals depending on sound buffer size
  • fixed many resource leaks, most notably in the debugger
  • updated the manual with information about specific MSX machines firmware
  • fixed horizontal scroll in lower screen modes
  • fixed 512 pixel width screen modes having a width of 511
  • several small fixes and additions

Relevant link: blueMSX

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By Unicorn

Master (138)

Unicorn의 아바타

08-06-2008, 17:30

Yes! That's great! !LOL!
Does it al run smoothly under Vista 'cos I'm starring at a new desktop right now...

By Samor

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Samor의 아바타

08-06-2008, 21:12

the ddraw filtering isn't working (not a bluemsx issue, rather a thing that vista doesn't do anymore) but otherwise everything is well under vista.

By dvik

Prophet (2200)

dvik의 아바타

08-06-2008, 23:46

Yep, one of thing that is quite high on the todo list is to do a direct 3d implementation instead of a direct draw. Other than that it should work fine on Vista.

By KdL

Paragon (1446)

KdL의 아바타

08-06-2008, 23:55

dvik: Do you send me source file of italian language for corrections?
(for eg. 'disci' -> 'dischi', etc.)

By dvik

Prophet (2200)

dvik의 아바타

09-06-2008, 01:57

Just emailed it Smile

By Atheus

Expert (73)

Atheus의 아바타

09-06-2008, 13:12

With Hap's arrival, can we hope a blueMSX version with rewind function in game and online playing ? Smile


Enlighted (6862)


09-06-2008, 18:33

Is ii possible to add to the VDP list, with the
TMS9918, the TMS9928 also the T6950 ?

If I understand correctly, only the last chip has
problem in the so called mixed mode,
while the first two should be ok

ATM instead teh quirk of replicated sprites
appear for the two TMS's and this should be not correct....

Look at
for details

By hap

Paragon (2041)

hap의 아바타

09-06-2008, 19:13

ARTRAG: yes, it's planned.
Atheus: netplay: nah (not by me at least), reverse: perhaps Wink

By dvik

Prophet (2200)

dvik의 아바타

10-06-2008, 01:07

There are (at least) three different behaviour with the mirroring:

1. The Screen turns black when you program the VDP for mirroring
2. The bg map _and_ sprites are mirrored
3. Only the bg map is mirrored

Only #3 is working as you'd expect. My Yamaha CX5M for example behaves as #2, so you get sprite mirroring as well and it doesn't look good Wink

But as hap said, we'd like to add emulation for it and apply it to the real machine configs we know have a certain behavior.

I should also say that bluemsx 2.7.1 emulated #2 but we changed it to #3 in 2.8 because its more common.


Enlighted (6862)


10-06-2008, 18:41

I know for sure that behaviour #2 is for the T6950 (the Toshiba clone of the TMS)
I do not know if any TMS has behaviour #1 or #2
AFAIK the Yamaha V9938 and V9958 are ok (they work as #3)

By fondacio

Master (154)

fondacio의 아바타

11-06-2008, 12:24

Is something wrong with the website or are there no more processor-optimised versions? I can only choose between the full and minimal downloads.