New Online Radio: 8-Bit Concerto

by cesco on 08-07-2009, 23:14
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Italian MSX fan cesco has opened up a new radio station. It's not a thematic station like MSX Radio used to be, instead it broadcasts Orchestral music, inspired by some of the best videogames ever released on MSX, the Commodore 64 and many other gaming platforms. The station doesn't broadcast MSX tunes but re-interpretations of some of the famous videogame soundtracks, performed by symphony orchestras all around the world. This radio station is being broadcast on Live365, in 96kbps quality.

Relevant link: Live365 - 8-bit Concerto

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By MicroTech

Champion (386)

MicroTech의 아바타

13-07-2009, 14:41

Great! Definitely my favourite radio Big smile
Thanks cesco!

By ro

Guardian (4125)

ro의 아바타

13-07-2009, 20:06

yeah cool, but urhm. no MSX tunes done yet?
Wolf should upload his orchestral arrangements Wink