Compile Heart to publish remakes of Compile classics

by snout on 28-10-2010, 11:05
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Source: Compile Heart

Compile Heart and D4 Enterprise have come to an agreement which allows the Japanese game developer to create games based on Compile classics. This means that in the near future we might get to see new versions of our all-time-favorite Compile games such as Aleste and Golvellius.

As we reported earlier, Compile Heart was founded in November 2006, presumably by several ex-Compile employees, as part of the Idea Factory. The goal of the company was to release new games with the Compile Spirit. The copyrights of Compile were, however, acquired by Aiky, the company of Compile director "Moo" Niitani. In 2007, Aiky ceased its activities and the Compile copyrights were transfered to D4 Enterprise, allowing them to continue the Compile Station section on Amusement Center and the sale of various Compile classics on Project EGG and EGG English.

With the agreement between Compile Heart and D4 Enterprise the world may eventually even see an Aleste 3 or Golvellius 3. Which poses the question: which Compile game would you like to see remade or continued in the future?

Relevant link: Compile Heart press release

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By Samor

Prophet (2225)

Samor의 아바타

28-10-2010, 14:33

I loved the original Compile's swansong, ZanacXZanac, so hopefully we'll see more stuff like that. Shmups, preferrably Smile

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

anonymous의 아바타

28-10-2010, 14:40

I would like to see Golvellius 3 or Aleste 3 but only for MSX.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

wolf_의 아바타

28-10-2010, 15:36

Randar 3

.. you know what.. an English version would do! Running Naked in a Field of FlowersHannibal

By tfh

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tfh의 아바타

28-10-2010, 18:39

Zanac / Zanac Ex Smile

By max_iwamoto

Paladin (675)

max_iwamoto의 아바타

28-10-2010, 19:44

Aleste 3 would be nice. But I think they have to do it for Playstation 3 as downloadable game. I was very impressed with Söldner-X 2 Final Protype (and first one was also very good). You can check it out here

By lionelritchie

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lionelritchie의 아바타

29-10-2010, 00:54

they probably will just sell recompilations of puyo puyo and aleste for phones.

By st1mpy

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st1mpy의 아바타

29-10-2010, 09:08

according to wikipedia the rights to Puyo Puyo is held by Sega

By Sama

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Sama의 아바타

29-10-2010, 10:27

Randar 3

.. you know what.. an English version would do!

Then wake up Tobias! Smile

By Salamander2

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Salamander2의 아바타

30-10-2010, 18:44


By wolf_

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wolf_의 아바타

30-10-2010, 23:43

Then wake up Tobias!

considering how long he's been asleep already, we really need a toad to kiss him awake.. Hannibal