Canadian MSX users

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By doba

Resident (39)

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15-10-2002, 23:06

Dear Canadian MSX users, please contact me. I live in Toronto and use two MSX computers (Sony HB F1XD and Philips 8250) and soon will receive (I hope) Panasonic TurboR GT.I have numerous games and peripherials. My ICQ is 30291145 and e-mail is DOBA at MAIL dot MD.Hope to hear from you soon,Adrian

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By Andrey Belov

Supporter (13)

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16-10-2002, 04:11

A tebe russkiye ne podaydut ?

By Latok

msx guru (3856)

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27-01-2003, 11:28

Seems fun to dig up this older posting. I actually wonder if there are more active MSX users from places all over the world!

So, if you read this and you live in Canada, Ethiopia, Antarctica or whatever, please respond to this thread....I'm very curious where you MSX-ers all live!

By drizo72

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drizo72의 아바타

28-01-2003, 23:21


Unfortunately, I do not know how many people are there still using MSX in Greece.

I guess, none... Crying

(I am too old for this... Wink )

By Algorythms

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29-01-2003, 18:46


These are the people I know in Norway that use MSX:

Dan Derpaux - TurboR A1GT, 1024Kb RAM (int), 32MHz

Ciggy - TurboR A1ST

Snake - TurboR A1GT

Øystein Gabrielsen - TurboR A1GT

Benny-Roger Gundersen - TurboR A1GT, 1024Kb RAM

Those are people I know use their MSX`es. I`m sure there are more.

Geir Jensen from Biosphere / Bel Canto use MSX, I know..

By Latok

msx guru (3856)

Latok의 아바타

29-01-2003, 19:06

Greece! Norway! France! Canada!!! This is cool! But I want more! Isn't there ANY Japanese MSX user who reads this forum?!?! Come on, let me hear you Tongue

By dhau

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19-11-2003, 19:05

JP Groeber is in South Africa

BTW: I have 3 spare MSX-2 systems (2 x plain Sony HBF1XD and 1 x NMS8255 w/ internal MSXDOS2 and 256 KB RAM). I can sell them really cheap to Canadian users.

By DarQ

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DarQ의 아바타

19-11-2003, 19:11

Im in Fryslan. Huge desolated place on the other side of the pond.!

By evulopah

Paladin (669)

evulopah의 아바타

19-11-2003, 21:48

me too 8)


Paladin (1012)


21-11-2003, 00:25

do you also need a passport? to en ter fryslan??
hehehehe just kidding!

By Pvdven

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Pvdven의 아바타

21-11-2003, 05:06

South Africa, Wink me . I'm picking up my 8250 in a couple of weeks when I'm in the Netherlands.

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