Baby name "challenge"

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By Grauw

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12-12-2004, 03:51

Yeah, I kinda like Aleste, and Valis. Valis is really one damn cool girl. But Lilia (Ys) is cool too. And what about Feena (Ys), or Fray...? Pixie Smile (Xak)?

For a boy... whew... The coolest name is already taken by Abi, really (Gillian)... But lemme think, Adol (or Adoru), Latok, Harry, Randam, Bozo, Laurens (;p), Charlie (Circus)...?

Just all you baby people, don’t pick all the cool names, I want to have enough spare ones to name my children after when I get them ;p.

Named my son Gillian. i told my wife weeks later that i took that name from my favorite game SD-Snatcher Wink
Lol, that last part was a detail I hadn’t heard yet Smile.

By Repair-Bas

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12-12-2004, 14:37

Aleste is really cool
we already found a name for a girl.

and almost for a boy too.

I told to bifi that a girls name was no problem but a boy was not so simple.

ofcourse we have looked at this forum for any suggestions

But if we didn't have a girlsname, then we had choosen Aleste.

Thx, Bas & Ditta

By Sama

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12-12-2004, 15:08

Hehehe, you'd better not get twin daughters, as you'll get stuck with the name Aleste then Tongue

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