What will be the shorttime effect of the Japanese MSX MAGAZINES?

By Latok

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04-01-2003, 19:58

Ok, now we know the MSX MAGAZINES are in Japan a huge salehit. In the magazines, several courses are being given, i.e. a BASIC course.

With the huge sales, thousands of potential NEW MSX users are part of our MSX galaxy now, that's a fact oO

Do you think this will actually have a short time effect on the production of MSX software? Will we get games? Music? Art galleries?

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By DarQ

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04-01-2003, 20:26

short time u say? U mean operational term of time?

just wait. According to the (commercial) definition of short term, it could mean that some companies might ALREADY be working on MSX soft. But I don't think so.

<IF> the new MSX comes, then i believe the at least a couple of japanese software houses would begin developing immediately after the release of the thing!

I would certainly act very swiftly. The faster you got your soft ready for sale, the better results you can expect.

Right, does anyone have an idea of when the thing might come? According to nishi's time table it would be next year but the are alrady far behind schedule. I would love to purchase the thing and start coding soft!

By anonymous

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04-01-2003, 22:27

What is your hang-up with the NEW MSX?! Nothing is keeping any company from developing for the CURRENT MSX! Remember, there is MSX PLAYer. Besides Windows, it runs on PocketPC and will in the near future run on mobile phones.

This is a HUGE market. Look at the popularity of games on mobile devices right now. The MSX software library is already huge and the development of new games is easy, as tools already exist.

Knowing the japanese, they will start programming for MSX PLAYer in no-time. The japanese MSX magazines were always filled with many more small games and listings than all the non-japanese magazines together.

Also remember the MSX Revival is not just commercial! It is the revival of the amateur MSX scene as well!

By FiXato

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05-01-2003, 01:00

Let's create a game in which you have to collect parts of the new MSX and collect gamecharacters and storypages Wink j/k

Well, I think that with the new magazines, people will get to know that MSX is coming back and that there still is a community spirit.

MSX can getnew fans and the community can get bigger, giving more support for a possible new msx. It is some kind of a vicious circle.