Loading multiple .bin games in a turbo r

By Delorean

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05-05-2005, 04:47

Hi i downloaded some rom files at funet and used msxr2b to turn them on .bin, te 1 file games runs OK just typing

bload "name.bin",r

but the games width 2 .bin, no way... Sad

The help of the converter call to type

poke -1,170

bload "name1.bin",r : bload "name2.bin",r

if i type directly the poke the computer (a1st) frezzes...

If i type the lines as a two line program, the disk starts to read something but nothing happens, and for not let the drive spinning continuosly i reboot.

Typing the second statment bload "name1.bin",r : bload "name2.bin",r alone won't work also...

I know this is an easy question surely, but i VERY green...

P.S., I Finally got my Turbo R at my like, with PC speakers, 17" TFT and an xga box converting s-video to VGA...

I will put a pic some day...


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By snout

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05-05-2005, 06:47

The poke you are using is incorrect for turboR computers. If you're lazy, type poke -1,0 instead. If you're not, check the MSX FAQ for a universal poke.

apart from that, are you sure the .bin files have to be loaded this way? In many cases, games with multiple .bin files only the last .bin file needs a bload "lastfile.bin",r

bload "name1.bin"
bload "name2.bin",r

By BiFi

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05-05-2005, 07:44

Binaries can have some routine to move data to the correct place... like hacked 16K or 32K roms require the first 16K under the BASIC ROM. Then in that binary there's also such code and a BLOAD,R is required to move it.