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By Latok

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04-07-2005, 21:46

I was playing games on my PS2 and suddenly I became obsessed with the RESET button on my PS2. I was wondering! When was the RESET button introduced on computers?! Do all the MSX computers have RESET buttons? Do homecomputers prior to MSX have RESET buttons?

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By Haohmaru

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04-07-2005, 21:51

iirc the C64 did not have one. You had to get a Final Cartridge III (which had a reset button) or similar peripheral device in order to reset your C64.

o_O man, I don't even know why I know this O_o

Maybe it's because I once owned a C128 for a few weeks? Wink

By Latok

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04-07-2005, 22:07

And the C128 has a reset button?


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04-07-2005, 22:36


Yes, the C128 had a reset button and it also had a Z80, which makes it allmost a real computer ;-)


Interesting quote from link above:

From the source code of the C128 CP/M implementation, it is clear that the engineers originally planned to make it possible to run CP/M in the "fast" mode as well, with the 40-column output turned off and the Z80 running at an effective 4 MHz; however this did not work on the released C128 hardware.

So they intented create the C128 with a 4 MHz Z80, but this failed and instead they used a 2 MHz Z80; didn't know that !

By Delorean

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05-07-2005, 16:51

Here is a bit of ofuscation, the reset function originally ('50s) was intended to awake the logic circuits after a HALT order. (This means, you freeze the computer with HALT and you RESET to back it to life). Naturally at that ages the reset won't harms anything (ram contents) This happens that way in the Altair/imsais and all the '50s beasts (univac/edsac/IBM's)

Nowaday RESET means "nuke all and start again"

P.S. Yes, i know the MSX saves the RAM in a reset (thanks to it you can save your work after a crash)