Dragonslayer VI legend of heroes isn't any fun...

By Drexax

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26-03-2012, 19:22

when you're playing at level 99 Smile

Used the old trick pausing somewhere and putting something on the space button... Emulator up to 99% and now I'm al level 99 Smile

No need to worry about your life, MP's, HP's or whatsoever , just enjoying the storyline Cool

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By Jorito

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26-03-2012, 19:48

Tsssk, that's hi-speed cheating! Tongue

By Drexax

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26-03-2012, 23:17

Ahwell... I thought by myself on an original MSX I would have kept the computer on for days, even weeks, to get a higher level, so why not speed it up if it's possible...
But to be quite honest, it isn't that much fun if you know you're going to win anyway with HP at 9999 and MP between 9000 and 9999 LOL!

By Gradius2

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27-03-2012, 05:30

I wish I could cheat like that in the fast lane.  oO

By snout

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27-03-2012, 12:03

Tsk, DS6 is one of the game that even I could easily beat without cheating. Great storyline, btw. 

By Jorito

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27-03-2012, 13:03

When cleaning last weekend I found the translation booklet Oasis provided with their DS6 translation. Maybe somebody should scan it for posterity (don't have a scanner myself).

By Manuel

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27-03-2012, 21:17

What good does it do to put your emulator 1% slower? Tongue

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