There will be only 5000 units to be sold?

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By Ivan

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30-07-2005, 23:28

and all I can see is the fact that the MSX community is really divided about the OCM.
I don't agree.

There isn't a clear line that separates MSXers about the One Chip MSX. I myself like some things about the One Chip MSX but also I don't like other things. I evaluated pros and cons and I decided to buy it. That's all.

By Sama

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31-07-2005, 00:54

Anyone thinking about creating SCREEN 9 yet? Wink

By timofonic

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31-07-2005, 03:56

I prefer eseMSX2 design, I will buy the next step that will can simulate MSX turbor and more...

By Maggoo

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31-07-2005, 09:19

Just curious: Is there a way to know why the Cyclone was selected and not the Cyclone 2 ( ? Is it a price issue or because the Cyclone 2 wasn't available when development started ? Also, is code compatible between different FPGA chips ? If the price isn't that different and they are compatible, I'd definetly recommend releasing it with the Cyclone II. Maybe I'm talking nonsense but I'm new to this FPGA thing.

Also, does anyone knows what the different in cost between the Cyclone and the Xilinx chips ?

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