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19-07-2005, 13:31

Last night Latok joined #msxdev and wanted to talk about things... in short: the situation. Also Latok wanted me not to cut down to posting as he suggested in the conversation. We've decided to publish the logs to put things in the open.

The log was published earlier on MSX Posse. One more thing before the logs, the words from GuyveR800 he also added publishing the logs:o.O
Note that I generally do not talk like this ^^;
It's because of anger from my side, which you will hopefully come to understand better when you read this, but also a lot of experience with Latok and he needs some harsh words now and then. It's a bit of a masochist ;)
There's quite a lot of interesting information in this log... History that's been kept private...

Last words... Happy reading!

[21:40] * Joins: Latok (
[21:40] <Latok> Evening
[21:41] <BiFiMSX> tokkie
[21:41] <Latok> :)
[21:41] <BiFiMSX> ltns
[21:41] <BiFiMSX> :)
[21:41] <Latok> You should have come to Groningen!
[21:42] <Latok> I was there
[21:42] <Latok> ah well.....
[21:42] <GuyveR800> and get brainwashed like Wolf_?! no thank you
[21:42] <BiFiMSX> had other things to do... yeah I read
[21:42] <Latok> hey guyver800
[21:42] <GuyveR800> shut up
[21:43] <Maggoo> hi latok
[21:43] <Latok> I read msxposse forum and I want to talk about things. Can we?
[21:44] <BiFiMSX> talk
[21:45] <Latok> Well, actually. I'm sick of the whole situation
[21:46] <GuyveR800> you caused it yourself
[21:46] <Latok> Jesus Christ
[21:46] <GuyveR800> those years you said you supported me, those years snout pretended to be my friend and said he supported me
[21:46] <Latok> Yes, I caused it, yes
[21:46] <GuyveR800> and all the while you did nothing
[21:46] <Latok> And I want to sort it out
[21:46] <Latok> if possible
[21:46] <GuyveR800> this is not the place to start sorting
[21:47] <Latok> i just want to know if there's room for talks
[21:47] <Latok> or something
[21:47] <Latok> space, room
[21:47] <Latok> fuck engels
[21:47] <GuyveR800> that seems to be the MRC method... totally fuck someone over, wait a few months, than see if 'things can be sorted out'
[21:49] <GuyveR800> in the meanwhile the whole scene is being fucked by you guys
[21:50] <GuyveR800> it's an outrage and a disgrace
[21:51] <Latok> For me it's really difficult to understand, guyver. I'm not speaking for myself now, because I haven't done a lot for MRC lately, but I see other MRC crewmembers giving all their time to MSX.
[21:51] <Latok> Is that so wrong?
[21:51] <Latok> Is it wrong supporting something like the OCM?
[21:51] <GuyveR800> no, that's fine... screwing ppl over in the process is what's wrong
[21:52] <GuyveR800> do you know a lot of ppl are AFRAID to post on MRC?
[21:52] <GuyveR800> or AFRAID to say what they think?
[21:52] <Latok> Well, thats bad for sure
[21:52] <Latok> and who causes that?
[21:52] <GuyveR800> you
[21:52] <Latok> we obviously do?
[21:52] <Latok> why
[21:52] <GuyveR800> coz you dictate what the scene can think and can't think
[21:53] <Latok> Seriously. Tell me....
[21:53] <Latok> If you're implying to say MRC is too big and too dominant.....I agree.
[21:53] <GuyveR800> someone has critique? he's being negative and must be shut up
[21:53] <GuyveR800> the admins are regularly trampling ppl
[21:53] <GuyveR800> saying stuff that would get any other user banned
[21:54] <GuyveR800> folks are scared like hell, you idiot
[21:54] <GuyveR800> I've been saying it to you guys for years
[21:54] <GuyveR800> wouldn't listen...
[21:54] <GuyveR800> banned me instead
[21:54] <GuyveR800> yeah baby, that's the way to treat people
[21:55] <Latok> You think critising things is not allowed on MRC?
[21:55] <GuyveR800> I don't think.. you guys prove it every day
[21:56] <Latok> But we hardly moderate in the forums
[21:56] <GuyveR800> it usually ends up with you guys "WEEEHH WEHHHH it's a hobby, weehhh weehhh donate donate!"
[21:57] <GuyveR800> man.. I told you all this stuff in private and in real-life before..
[21:57] <GuyveR800> you haven't changed a bit...
[21:57] <GuyveR800> I'm not explaining it any further, it's no use
[21:57] <Latok> And usually, I really understand such things.....But I'm having a hard time understanding this.
[21:57] <Latok> Man, I'm just reading what you just wrote. Please give me some time to think about it. again.
[21:58] <GuyveR800> ppl want honesty man.. not marketing and "we only the highlight positive things"
[21:58] <Latok> In my eyes, MRC is an open forum where everything can be said. If done in a polite way.
[21:58] <GuyveR800> coz that's what you do... a week or so ago one of the admins literaly posted that
[21:59] <GuyveR800> "is it so bad to only highlight the positive?" HELL YEAH
[21:59] <Latok> that's another thing. MRC being a marketing thing
[21:59] <GuyveR800> SOME THINGS JUST SUCK!!!
[21:59] <Latok> How can a device like the OCM suck!?
[21:59] <GuyveR800> IT SUCKS!!!!
[21:59] <Latok> It's MSX activity from ASCII!
[21:59] <Latok> That can't suck, can it?
[21:59] <GuyveR800> but I didn't mean the OCM at all, btw
[21:59] <Latok> I think EVERY MSX related project is positive
[21:59] <Latok> no matter what
[21:59] <boblet> no matter what??
[21:59] <GuyveR800> sure, but there's always room for improvement
[22:00] <Latok> of course
[22:00] <GuyveR800> and not mentioning where the room for improvement is is NOT real journalism
[22:00] <boblet> as long as people don't think they are single handledly saving "the scene"
[22:00] <GuyveR800> it's putting ppl in a Matrix world in stead of the real world
[22:01] <Latok> Well, I think I DO tend to critisize some aspects of MSX projects
[22:01] <GuyveR800> I'm not talking about you personally
[22:01] <vortexion> Latok: is it true that Sunrise have been asked to take out a licence for the MSX trade mark
[22:01] <Latok> boblet: and you think MRC is too dominant and too pleased with itself
[22:02] <boblet> I dunno about to pleased
[22:02] <boblet> but I'm not overly convinced by the sincerity
[22:02] <GuyveR800> latok, I've known you for a LONG time, and while I think you're being an idiotic hypocrite the last few months, I do sense that you're at least somewhat sincere..
[22:02] <Latok> vortexion: Believe me, I have nothing to do with Bazix, I would like to know much more than I do, sometimes, but they honestly don't update me on such things.
[22:02] <boblet> and as for bazix...
[22:02] <boblet> sorry
[22:02] <boblet> I'm not even slightly convinced of anything
[22:02] <vortexion> i don't actually know what 'Bazix' is
[22:03] <boblet> it's a website and a few trips to japan vortexion :)
[22:03] <Latok> guyver: and you saying to me over and over again that I'm a hypocrite.....hurts....
[22:03] <boblet> and um, what else?
[22:03] <Latok> But you're hurt yourself a lot more, I know.
[22:03] <Latok> And that's the whole issue.
[22:03] <vortexion> well i don't think this is going to be resolved tonight
[22:03] <boblet> indeed
[22:04] <GuyveR800> Latok: if you actually cared, you'd have stood up
[22:04] <GuyveR800> done something about it
[22:04] <GuyveR800> as for snout... apparently he sold his soul to the devil or something
[22:04] <GuyveR800> best of friends, next day, worst of enemies
[22:04] <GuyveR800> that's not NORMAL, dude!
[22:05] <Latok> done something about it.
[22:05] <Latok> uhm
[22:05] <Latok> You're right
[22:05] <Latok> to some degree
[22:06] <Latok> But for some time, I didn't know WHAT to think
[22:06] <Latok> about how you feel, about how I feel etc. etc.
[22:06] <Latok> The only thing I know now is that you're very very angry, you really feel you got fucked up, puked out etc. etc.
[22:07] <Latok> And I DO care too much about you that I DON'T like that to see happen.
[22:07] <GuyveR800> I got over it, you know...
[22:07] <Latok> You should be very positive about something as the OCM. Still, you seem SO negative.
[22:07] <GuyveR800> I don't care about the MRC scene anymore
[22:07] <GuyveR800> I'm very positive on a lot of OCM matters
[22:07] <GuyveR800> you should read better
[22:07] <Latok> I probably should, then.
[22:07] <GuyveR800> or maybe I haven't posted all my opinions anywhere....
[22:07] <Latok> But seriously, if you say that the whole MRC thing doesn't bother you anymore.....that's good.
[22:08] <GuyveR800> I don't care about the MRC scene anymore, I do care about the MSX scene
[22:08] <GuyveR800> and part of the MSX scene is moving more and more underground
[22:08] <GuyveR800> away from MRC as much as possible
[22:08] <GuyveR800> while people like Quibus and Wolf_ like to blame me for that, that's a rather broad happening
[22:09] <Latok> About snout and I being your friends one day and enemies the other.....At least, that's how you see it?
[22:09] <Latok> It indeed isn't normal
[22:09] <GuyveR800> really.. you guys did a good job with some of the ppl out there... they really believe I'm the source of all MRC negativity
[22:10] <Latok> wouldn't be normal.
[22:10] <GuyveR800> applause..
[22:10] <Latok> but question 1: are we? And if so.....How DID it get so far, then......
[22:10] <GuyveR800> $$$
[22:10] <Latok> It all goes back to your moderator application, right?
[22:10] <GuyveR800> it goes further back than that
[22:11] <Latok> further back.....
[22:11] <Latok> The way we moderated the forums....
[22:11] <Latok> ?
[22:11] <GuyveR800> yep..
[22:11] <GuyveR800> something changed.. and you (and snout) didn't fight for what you believed in
[22:11] <GuyveR800> that's what ultimately caused the chain of events that followed
[22:11] <GuyveR800> at least, that's how I see it
[22:12] <Latok> Thinking, thinking.....
[22:12] <GuyveR800> note that it has nothing to do with me personally, it could've happened to anyone
[22:13] <Latok> what could have happened to anyone?
[22:13] <GuyveR800> shit hit the fan the moment snout pressed the ban button to, as he said it "show what would happen with stricter moderation rules"
[22:13] <GuyveR800> from there on, like with all privacy in the world, slowly MRC turned evil (I use this word in the broadest sense, I hope you're not offended.. although I don't care)
[22:15] <Latok> I do agree things have happened with MRC over the years.....There indeed have been changes.
[22:15] <Latok> But isn't it just MRC grew up?
[22:15] <GuyveR800> in the years that followed, MRC developed into a penisverlenger (cock extension) and taking credit where no credit was due and dictating the scene
[22:15] <GuyveR800> sure, MRC grew up to be a narcisistical bully
[22:16] <flyguille> <Latok> In my eyes, MRC is an open forum where everything can be said. If done in a polite way. <--- MRC doesn't meets with that
[22:17] <Latok> GuyveR800: I wouldn't say narcistical or fascists.....maybe a bit arrogant, yes. I admit.
[22:17] <Latok> flyguille: what should change, then?
[22:17] <GuyveR800> Latok: basically.. the only way for MRC to become better is if It's TOTALLY, and I mean, TOTALLY independant from Bazix
[22:17] <GuyveR800> no more free marketing
[22:17] <GuyveR800> no more free advertising
[22:17] <GuyveR800> no more snout, rieks or bart
[22:17] <Latok> I saw you saying you disapprove the OCM banner
[22:17] <GuyveR800> you guys are a non-profit foundation
[22:17] <GuyveR800> you act like a multinational!!!
[22:17] <Latok> Honestly.....What's wrong emphasizing on such a great product
[22:18] <GuyveR800> what's WRONG is that it's a conflict of interests!!
[22:18] <boblet> it's not such a great product
[22:18] <Latok> You must know....The ones initating that banner were in fact Sander and I....
[22:18] <GuyveR800> that doesn't matter to the public, Latok
[22:18] <Latok> Sander van Nunen that is
[22:19] <Latok> Why is that a conflict of interests, really.....The OCM being produced in a large number as 5000. That's so fucking unique in the life of MSX.....How can a community site NOT pay attention to it in that matter!
[22:19] <BiFiMSX> el tokko:
[22:19] <GuyveR800> Latok: coz in the public eyes MRC==Bazix
[22:19] <flyguille> Latok: until me I feel sometimes that I cannot express what I really want when I write in MRC fearing to fight with somebody and to be bad with the MRC and that this affects to my project MNBIOS (that is to say that they don't support it more).
[22:19] <GuyveR800> <GuyveR800> Latok: basically.. the only way for MRC to become better is if It's TOTALLY, and I mean, TOTALLY independant from Bazix
[22:20] <boblet> unless it actually wants to be the ign of msx?
[22:20] <Latok> guyver: if snout, bart & rieks weren't in MRC anymore, that OCM banner would still have been there. Because other crew members want it to be there!
[22:20] <Latok> Would you accept it then?
[22:21] <Latok> in other words: would the scene accept it?
[22:21] <GuyveR800> combined with HONEST reporting about it, that would be acceptable I guess
[22:21] <GuyveR800> !show news
[22:21] <MG-Ray> news == Umax launches homepage ( - Special Interest pages moved ( ) - MSXdev'05 jury announced & status update ( ) - Bussum 2005 announced ( ) - 1K-Pong: XPONG ( ) - Martos' cassette preservation site update ( )
[22:21] <Latok> flyuille: You have the feeling you are not free to express yourself on MRC?
[22:21] <boblet> and not decrying any "news" that's inconvenient and classing it as irrelavent
[22:22] <Latok> bifi: that's the first time I see that site. Looks cool.
[22:22] <BiFiMSX> just got it from rob
[22:22] <GuyveR800> You heard it here first, folks!!!
[22:22] <boblet> haha
[22:22] <boblet> no! we never heard it!! I deny it happened!
[22:22] <GuyveR800> hot of the presses.. news from the scene :)
[22:23] <BiFiMSX> news from the scene, for the scene :)
[22:23] <Latok> I really try to understand, I really do......sigh......
[22:23] <boblet> sarcasm and despair frequently mix latok
[22:23] <boblet> that's just life
[22:23] <GuyveR800> Latok: face it, you're just not involved with the scene enough to see it...
[22:23] <GuyveR800> from a distance everything looks pretty
[22:23] <Latok> probably
[22:24] <boblet> oh and is anyone going to sue the owners of :)
[22:24] <BiFiMSX> you've become too MRC'ish
[22:24] <boblet> heh
[22:24] <Latok> I do sense a bit of it, though.....
[22:24] <GuyveR800> I know you do.. You sensed at Oss'05 already.. you just don't act upon it..
[22:24] <BiFiMSX> I can understand people being afraid to post on MRC nowadays
[22:24] * BiFiMSX is one of those people
[22:25] <GuyveR800> idd, bifi's been afraid of being banned a couple of times too..
[22:25] <GuyveR800> then I tell him "they can't afford to ban anyone else"
[22:25] <GuyveR800> and that's the truth
[22:25] <Latok> Because I believe MRC is very important for MSX and I believe the people behing MRC really love MSX and are giving the best they can.
[22:25] <Maggoo> ok guys, I would've stayed to witness the make-up sex but I really got to zzzz. Cya !
[22:25] <GuyveR800> gnite Maggoo!
[22:25] <Latok> How can I be negative about these things.....
[22:25] <Latok> nite
[22:25] <BiFiMSX> nite maggoo
[22:25] <boblet> heh nite maggoo
[22:25] <Maggoo> nite!
[22:25] * Quits: Maggoo (
[22:25] <boblet> make-up sex?
[22:25] <boblet> O_O
[22:25] <Latok> _-_
[22:25] <GuyveR800> Latok: success blinds people sometimes
[22:25] <flyguille> <Latok> flyuille: You have the feeling you are not free to express yourself on MRC?
[22:26] <Latok> well, flyguille, are you?
[22:26] <GuyveR800> he's typing man :p
[22:26] <flyguille> Latok: Yes... sometimes i feels like... I am in a very weak possition... like being in the middle... i not want to fight with nobody... but I have too a opinnion.
[22:26] <Latok> a weak position......
[22:26] <boblet> aye
[22:27] <Latok> who's fighting you then? We're trying to post about MNBIOS as much as we can. We appreciate your newsposts a lot and stuff.....
[22:27] <Latok> But're all experiencing the same.
[22:27] <Latok> So indeed, there must be something....
[22:28] <BiFiMSX> there are times I had/have much harder words present which express my feelings better, but I always need to cut down to prevent getting banned
[22:29] <BiFiMSX> the last time I had that was when I did some kind of total edit to a post... and bart asking if I didn't have a mind of my own
[22:29] <Latok> Maybe you shouldn't cut your words down, bifi
[22:29] * GuyveR800 can't believe what an idiot he is by giving you all this free advice.. I should know better...
[22:29] * GuyveR800 afk
[22:30] <BiFiMSX> it has become a reflex to prevent myself from getting banned
[22:31] * GuyveR800 back
[22:31] <BiFiMSX> we've all seen how relatively short bart's fuse really is
[22:31] <GuyveR800> last time I saw BiFiMSX being a bit more honest... he got TOTALLY, TOTALLY trampled by 2 admins
[22:32] <Latok> Maybe we get frustrated a bit by you always being so negative about MRC, yet we're really trying to do the best we can
[22:32] <flyguille> Well, Latok post about MNBIOS is cool, and is cool when snout personally without I asking for... he initially a thread trying to support MNBIOS...
[22:32] <GuyveR800> you've taken the role of shutting ppl up upon yourself, now that you can't send me after folks anymore
[22:33] <Latok> flyguille: but still......You're not feeling ok on MRC....?
[22:33] <flyguille> but, the GuyveR800 ban... is like..... a lesson "don't walk by that thin direction or you will get banned"... and sometime that thin way is the one needed to go
[22:33] <flyguille> so... in the MSX life... a permanet BAN is like.. you ARE DIED!
[22:34] <GuyveR800> the only ppl I know feeling really ok on MRC are Quibus and Wolf_... they don't get any of the issues the rest of us has, and they both blame ME for everything :|
[22:34] <BiFiMSX> more like, you are censored... and I really HATE being censored or muzzled
[22:34] <Latok> Again, we don't moderate a lot......At least, i don't :P
[22:34] <GuyveR800> it's simple, the community on MRC is not the MSX scene, it's the MRC community
[22:35] <Latok> Maybe you really should not hold back and just spit it all out
[22:35] <GuyveR800> what's your definition of 'moderate'?
[22:35] <Latok> mine?
[22:35] <boblet> flyguille: ...-> this seems.. possibly quite easy when you get the hang of it
[22:35] <BiFiMSX> believe me, you really don't want that to happen
[22:35] <GuyveR800> Latok: deleting posts?
[22:35] <GuyveR800> coz mostly posts aren't being deleted or edited, that's true.. in stead people are talked upon
[22:35] <GuyveR800> with the waving finger...
[22:35] <Latok> What opinion do you want? My opinion or the MRC policy?
[22:36] <GuyveR800> tsk tsk tsk
[22:36] <GuyveR800> I don't care about the MRC policy.. you don't hold yourselfs to that anyway
[22:36] <GuyveR800> it's a farce
[22:36] <GuyveR800> you know what.. there are people that are PROUD that they haven't visited MRC in 3 weeks
[22:36] <GuyveR800> they are HAPPY that they haven't felt the need to read your B*S*
[22:37] <GuyveR800> these are actively developing people
[22:37] <GuyveR800> the core MSX scene, so to say
[22:37] <Latok> Jesus, do I hope there will be an alternative to the dominant MRC
[22:37] <Latok> There should be one.
[22:37] <GuyveR800> that's easier than fixing MRC, isn't it..... ¬_¬
[22:37] <Latok> it would be healthier
[22:38] <boblet> there is an alternative...
[22:38] <GuyveR800> boblet: #msxdev ? ^_____^
[22:38] <boblet> that too :)
[22:38] <boblet> heh
[22:38] <boblet> ok
[22:38] <Latok> I can only say that it's hard to handle all the critisism, when in fact, we're MSX lovers and we try to offer a platform where EVERYONE can speak, meet people and feel involved fact......the scene!
[22:38] <boblet> there's at least 2 alternatives
[22:39] <boblet> don't assume that you hold everything
[22:39] <boblet> ultimately
[22:39] <boblet> it's just a website
[22:39] <BiFiMSX> the main issue is that many people see MRC=Bazix since all Bazix members are MRC admins as well
[22:39] <boblet> "ultimately"
[22:39] <GuyveR800> boblet: the problem is those alternative's generally don't have a news page
[22:39] <boblet> well...
[22:39] <BiFiMSX> and some people in there just can't keep those apart
[22:40] <Latok> Then another thing. What's so wrong with Bazix, then?
[22:40] <GuyveR800> Latok: Debby just read what you said, and she says "everything anne says there is bull"
[22:40] <Latok> Because they are making the scene impossible or something?
[22:40] <GuyveR800> they are working AGAINST the scene in every way that's possible
[22:40] <GuyveR800> they have done NOTHING to promote it
[22:40] <GuyveR800> absolutely ZILTCH
[22:41] <GuyveR800> sending cease & desist orders, promising products that are USELESS to us
[22:41] <Latok> And then there's Rob who suddenly is completely pissed off by me for something I said, which I truly DON'T understand! I love Sunrise!
[22:41] <GuyveR800> paper launching is ridiculous!
[22:41] <GuyveR800> Latok: !!!!! AAARRGGHHHH!!!
[22:41] <GuyveR800> YOU DON'T SEE IT?!?!?!?!
[22:42] <flyguille> By example, Latok... in a lot of forumthreads, was said that OCM has VGA output... some in one fews was remarked that it is not supported by VHDL code... so newbies will thinks that it is already supported.... that is an example os HIGHLIGHT goodied and not bad side. In other words they aren't ok at all... because they are thinking in the sales!
[22:42] <GuyveR800> MRC/Bazix has ATTACKED Sunrise in so many ways the last few years
[22:42] <Latok> I didn't critisize Sunrise at all, yet Rob sees it that way
[22:42] <GuyveR800> Latok: read the fucking latest news @
[22:42] <GuyveR800> Latok: it's just a drop in the bucket man!!
[22:42] <BiFiMSX> it's too easy to take sunrise as an example
[22:42] <GuyveR800> lemme tell you... I know stuff from snout about Sunrise that SUNRISE doesn't even know themselves
[22:42] <BiFiMSX> but there are more people doing hardware, like padial
[22:42] <GuyveR800> if ROb would know what I know, he would be *really* mad
[22:42] <GuyveR800> really really fucking mad
[22:42] <Latok> flyguille: I admit, I also thought VGA output is already supported....
[22:42] <GuyveR800> apparently snout hasn't told you either
[22:43] <Latok> it hasn't been an issue
[22:43] <GuyveR800> Latok: read the msg? did you read it?? GO READ, and realize it's MRC/Bazix it's talking about
[22:43] * Quits: boblet ( (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[22:43] <Latok> What's Debby's opinion on things, Guyver. I find that important.
[22:44] <Latok> I've read it
[22:44] <Latok> You're stating Sunrise truly supports the scene
[22:44] <Latok> they are the only ones
[22:44] <GuyveR800> !whosaid bull
[22:44] <MG-Ray> [22:40] <GuyveR800> Latok: Debby just read what you said, and she says "everything anne says there is bull"
[22:44] <Latok> right.....everything......
[22:44] <GuyveR800> well, in that one line she read
[22:44] <GuyveR800> referring to this: <Latok> I can only say that it's hard to handle all the critisism, when in fact, we're MSX lovers and we try to offer a platform where EVERYONE can speak, meet people and feel involved fact......the scene!
[22:45] <GuyveR800> let's also not forget how Bazix screwed the GLC project
[22:45] <Latok> Well.....we do try....
[22:45] <GuyveR800> and then blamed it on me
[22:45] <GuyveR800> you THINK you try, but you're pushing all the wrong buttons...
[22:45] <GuyveR800> debby says "no you don't try, you are fuckers!! literaly"
[22:46] <Latok> Whatever......
[22:46] <Latok> Apart from MRC
[22:46] <Latok> Bazix
[22:46] <Latok> or any other MSX related scene group
[22:46] <Latok> Guyver
[22:46] <Latok> What's important to me
[22:46] <Latok> What you said in the beginning
[22:47] <Latok> Do you truly don't care anymore about MRC?
[22:47] <GuyveR800> not a single bit
[22:47] <GuyveR800> I used to, but I got over it
[22:47] <Latok> So you're a happy man
[22:47] <GuyveR800> and became a happier person
[22:47] <GuyveR800> very
[22:47] <flyguille> Latok, I knows that MRC needs donations and that is ok... Nevermind about that... also the EBAY proffits are ok.... but.. the bazix thing sucks!....
[22:47] <Latok> Ok
[22:47] <flyguille> is like being unfair
[22:47] <Latok> That's my main goal.
[22:47] <GuyveR800> don't make me puke, Latok!!
[22:47] <flyguille> and never mind about the use of the trademark MSX
[22:47] <Latok> I want you to be happy. Just as a person. Nothing to do with fucking MSX, bazix or what.....J
[22:48] <GuyveR800> you're being the best hypocrite you can be, aren't you....
[22:48] <GuyveR800> how truly pathetic
[22:49] <Latok> Can we please discuss this IRL sometimes?
[22:49] <Latok> I've told you there have been mistakes
[22:49] <Latok> from me
[22:49] <Latok> from MRC
[22:49] <GuyveR800> like I care, you don't want to do anything about it anyway
[22:49] <Latok> but from you as well
[22:49] <GuyveR800> it doesn't help me in any way for you to acknowledge that to me privately
[22:49] <GuyveR800> see what private support from you and snout has gotten me earlier
[22:49] <GuyveR800> a nice little permban
[22:49] <GuyveR800> woei
[22:50] <flyguille> And another thing Latok, at MRC everybody things that GuyveR800 is leading a campaign against MRC... that is not true
[22:50] <GuyveR800> I puke on you and what you stand for!
[22:50] <flyguille> i chatted here all days... not very active but atleast i reads some logs a while.
[22:50] <flyguille> is true that is days that MRC unfair is a topic... but it not passes of 5% of a month
[22:51] <flyguille> so, GuyveR800, being the bad boy... and put a label in GuyveR800's head. "BAD BOY HERE . BE CARE"
[22:51] <flyguille> that isn't fair
[22:51] <Latok> Guyver: and my being a hypocrite has every thing to do with the fact that I now say I do care about you and when you're fucked over, I don't stand up to defend you, right?
[22:51] <GuyveR800> ~# bad boy bad boy, what you gonna dooo, what you gonna do when they come for you :P
[22:52] <GuyveR800> Latok: bingo
[22:52] <Latok> Man, did I defend you.....sigh.....
[22:52] <Latok> whatever.
[22:52] <GuyveR800> where...
[22:53] <GuyveR800> there's nothing but bad words about me on MRC
[22:53] <GuyveR800> you can post there, can't you?
[22:53] <GuyveR800> or are you licensed?
[22:53] <GuyveR800> are you afraid to be banned too?! WOW!!!
[22:53] <GuyveR800> come on, you weakling!! fight for what you believe in!! MAKE A STAND
[22:54] <Latok> As I said in the beginning somewhere.....let's search....
[22:54] <GuyveR800> as I said, you're the only one in MRC that has a slight bit of a clue somewhere..
[22:55] <GuyveR800> if you can't stand up to the others, just quit
[22:55] <Latok> 22:14] <Latok> But for some time, I didn't know WHAT to think
[22:55] <Latok> [22:14] <Latok> about how you feel, about how I feel etc. etc.
[22:55] <GuyveR800> you'd earn back some of my respect, that's for sure
[22:56] <Latok> I believe MRC is important for MSX. It has proven to be and it still is. Therefor, it's a positive thing, which I stand for.
[22:56] <GuyveR800> it has proven to be.... ARROGANCE ALERT
[22:56] <Latok> I have respect for the people giving so much time into it
[22:57] <Latok> well.....I said that.....we tend to be a bit arrogant, yes :)
[22:57] <GuyveR800> even though large parts of the scene believe they are being fucked over by those people???
[22:57] <GuyveR800> you're so blind it's unbelievable...
[22:57] <GuyveR800> this discussion is finished
[22:57] <GuyveR800> you don't want to change
[22:57] <GuyveR800> you don't want to make change
[22:57] <flyguille> MRC is very good for MSX that is TRUE as HELL! in all hearts!
[22:57] <GuyveR800> you're just another narcisistical hypocrite, like the others
[22:57] <Latok> indeed, we have the same discussion over and over again, you are right, we should stop the discussion.
[22:58] * GuyveR800 is such an idiot to even try......
[22:58] <GuyveR800> I was such an idiot to even try years ago... that first time I wrote you guys an email
[22:58] <GuyveR800> what an idiot I was.......
[22:58] <Latok> I'm not trying to discuss this with you for nothing, guyver
[22:59] <GuyveR800> it seems to be for nothing!! after all this discussion, nothing changed for you
[22:59] <GuyveR800> and nothing changed for us
[22:59] <GuyveR800> so it's been utterly senseless
[22:59] <flyguille> wait guys!
[22:59] <GuyveR800> you'll just continue to walk along with the ppl that fuck over large parts of the scene
[22:59] <flyguille> maybe from this something can be made
[23:00] <BiFiMSX> fly, I already see something being made here
[23:00] <GuyveR800> flyguille: Latok doesn't seem to want to change or make change...
[23:00] <BiFiMSX> and I'm afraid it's not positive at all
[23:00] <flyguille> why GuyveR800, and Latok (with MRC admins), not just write "an intemption letter"... then to exchange letter..
[23:00] <flyguille> so, to see what happens
[23:01] <GuyveR800> MRC and me made common statements before.. I thought we were clean... but when I got banned, all those things were thrown right back into my face
[23:01] <GuyveR800> no more "we're to blame for this too"
[23:01] <GuyveR800> just "GuyveR800 is a troublemaker!!"
[23:01] <GuyveR800> he always was and always will be
[23:02] <GuyveR800> Latok, just continue supporting the MRC anti-GuyveR800 calumny campaign.. be proud to be a part of that
[23:02] <flyguille> include the worst troublekid has a third chance in the more highsociety school
[23:02] <GuyveR800> just continue to support those who damage the greatest amateur MSX institution of all time, sunrise
[23:02] <Latok> MRC doesn't damage Sunrise at all
[23:03] <GuyveR800> ROFL
[23:03] <GuyveR800> you're so blind
[23:03] <Latok> MRC doesn't have any contacts with sunrise what so ever
[23:03] <GuyveR800> snout hasn't told you anything.....
[23:03] <flyguille> GuyveR800.. can you points a threads where a MRC admins damage to sunrise?
[23:03] <Latok> I know every MRC matter
[23:03] <GuyveR800> flyguille: it's all behind the scenes man
[23:03] <GuyveR800> as I said, there's stuff even Sunrise doesn't know about
[23:03] <flyguille> by example?
[23:04] <GuyveR800> the simple fact that snout travelled to japan to tell the MSX Association NOT to do the commercial MSX Revival with Sunrise
[23:04] <BiFiMSX> Latok, I think it's strange you don't push your own oppinions through the admin stuff. you oppinion seems to differ on several matters (or so you have told some of us) but it seems the other admins overrule you every time
[23:04] <GuyveR800> the way snout told the MSX Association that Sunrise was slow and incompetent
[23:04] <Latok> BiFi: So? I can live with that.
[23:05] <BiFiMSX> well, to me it means your oppinions mean nothing to the rest
[23:05] <GuyveR800> the way MRC/Bazix is forcing Sunrise to pay license costs for being 'commercial'... YEAH RIGHT!!!
[23:05] <GuyveR800> so you really believe MRC/Bazix is not damaging the MSX scene...... that must be the joke of the century
[23:06] <GuyveR800> Ofcourse, not seeing the negative things and just highlighting the positive is exactly how you think
[23:06] <GuyveR800> dispicable!!
[23:06] <Latok> This comes down to the opinion MRC is NOT the same as bazix
[23:06] <BiFiMSX> I know what wouldn't have happened if bazix wasn't damaging the scene...
[23:06] <makinavaja_> ¿¿¿the way MRC/Bazix is forcing Sunrise to pay license costs for being 'commercial'... YEAH RIGHT!!!?????, you mean that every hw producer must do that?? O.o
[23:07] <GuyveR800> makinavaja_: if snout wants you to...
[23:07] <GuyveR800> snout is the man in charge
[23:07] <Latok> no, he is not
[23:07] <GuyveR800> then who is?!
[23:07] <Latok> the 3 of them
[23:07] <GuyveR800> YOU AREN'T, that's for sure!!
[23:07] <GuyveR800> well ok
[23:07] <BiFiMSX> latok, you guys have a very hard time convincing the rest MRC != bazix
[23:07] <Latok> I'm not, no
[23:07] <GuyveR800> so MRC==BAZIX
[23:07] <GuyveR800> you're just a rag doll
[23:07] <GuyveR800> you're just there for show
[23:07] <GuyveR800> you're just there as a defense to ppl that say MRC==BAZIX
[23:08] <BiFiMSX> nah, he's just there to do the legal stuff
[23:08] <GuyveR800> You know what I think? I think you're being used and abused just like the rest of us
[23:08] <GuyveR800> how truly pathetic....
[23:08] <Latok> Guyver: I'm not that ignorant as you think. Of course, such thoughts cross my mind. But it's truly not the way I look at it, right now.
[23:09] <GuyveR800> Latok: because you only highlight the positive...
[23:09] <Latok> I tend to do so, yes
[23:09] <BiFiMSX> and ignore the rest
[23:09] <Latok> Because a scene as the MSX scene deserves to be just positive!
[23:09] <GuyveR800> that makes you naive AND ignorant
[23:09] <Latok> I'm positive about everything, actually
[23:09] <GuyveR800> you know me, I'm the biggest optimist you know
[23:10] <BiFiMSX> being positive all the time is dangerous...
[23:10] <Latok> Yes, but MRC doesn't always reflect reality. They try to be positive about every MSX project :)
[23:10] <GuyveR800> it's a MATRIX WORLD
[23:10] <GuyveR800> just like I said earlier
[23:10] <Latok> yes, you are an optimist, yes.
[23:10] <GuyveR800> you're beginning to understand...
[23:10] <GuyveR800> take the blue pill, Latok
[23:10] <GuyveR800> TAKE THE BLUE PILL!!! FOR GODS SKE!
[23:11] <Latok> No, I have no erection problems, thank you.
[23:11] <flyguille> :)
[23:11] <GuyveR800> do you now realise why people denounce MRC?? people denounce the matrix-world
[23:11] <BiFiMSX> no, but you need the balls :)
[23:12] <Latok> bifi: that was actually funny :)
[23:12] <Latok> Guyver: MRC is being positive about MSX projects since the very beginning
[23:12] <BiFiMSX> and fact I'm afraid
[23:12] <Latok> Guyver: and you had no problems with it back then
[23:12] <GuyveR800> Latok: and while doing so damaging others
[23:12] <GuyveR800> back when?
[23:13] <Latok> before tilburg 2004
[23:13] <GuyveR800> I had plenty of troubles... and I did post my doubts and critique
[23:13] <GuyveR800> and I got banned for it
[23:13] <GuyveR800> 2004??? 2003...
[23:13] <Latok> 2003
[23:13] <Latok> yes
[23:13] * Joins: Sidonia (
[23:13] <GuyveR800> hi meits
[23:13] <GuyveR800> welcome to hell
[23:13] <Sidonia> hahaha...
[23:13] <BiFiMSX> I have seen things degrade right after I got kicked from the MRC staff (that's how I see it)
[23:13] <Sidonia> hell?
[23:13] <BiFiMSX> hi maitz
[23:13] <Latok> you called people 'discriminating fascists' man! That's not something to accept, is it?
[23:13] <Sidonia> hi guys...
[23:13] <Latok> hey
[23:13] <GuyveR800> Latok: it was satire, you dumb fuck!!!
[23:14] <BiFiMSX> bart has a short fuse
[23:14] <GuyveR800> and that
[23:14] <flyguille> <Latok> Guyver: MRC is being positive about MSX projects since the very beginning <--- that is true... Ok... but take care... not goes to happens that for be very optimist the admins posts things untrue
[23:14] <Sidonia> ummmmm....
[23:14] * Sidonia is now known as Meits
[23:14] <GuyveR800> Meits: we've been trying to explain to Latok what's wrong with MRC, coz he asked for it
[23:15] <GuyveR800> it's been kinda useless, coz he's still brainwashed by the MRC Matrix world :S
[23:15] <Latok> flyguille: but it IS allowed to say in forum threads that the OCM doesn't support VGA output yet!
[23:15] <Meits> i see :S... please be nice to each other...
[23:15] <GuyveR800> you're doing FALSE ADVERTISING
[23:15] <Latok> Man, I don't even know....
[23:15] <GuyveR800> THEN YOU'RE AN IDIOT!
[23:15] <GuyveR800> the whole world knows!!!
[23:15] <GuyveR800> EXCEPT MRC!!!!!
[23:15] <BiFiMSX> and a foundation is doing commercial advertising
[23:15] <GuyveR800> while lying about it
[23:15] <Latok> No, bifi, i don't agree
[23:16] <GuyveR800> you are
[23:16] <GuyveR800> BAZIX==MRC
[23:16] <GuyveR800> the same ppl are in MRC
[23:16] <GuyveR800> it doesn't matter how ultimately makes the decision to advertise it
[23:16] <Latok> The foundation is seeing something very interesting happening in the scene and they want to do everything to make it happen
[23:16] <flyguille> <Latok> flyguille: but it IS allowed to say in forum threads that the OCM doesn't support VGA output yet! <--- yes, but if someelse don't remark that (someelse with a previous knowledge about the matter), the admins donot the remark... because that will go agains with the bazix's sales
[23:16] <GuyveR800> I should report you to the fucking FIOD MAN
[23:16] <BiFiMSX> by putting a high-rotation ad on the site
[23:17] <Latok> flyguille: yes, well.....Maybe that's because of the fact the OTHER MRC crewmembers aren't that much into the specs as i.e. snout.
[23:17] <GuyveR800> MRC==BAZIX
[23:17] <GuyveR800> THEY==THEY
[23:17] <BiFiMSX> you can hardly call bazix part of the scene
[23:17] <GuyveR800> it's conflict of interests!!!
[23:17] <GuyveR800> YOU *HAVE* to know about that
[23:17] <GuyveR800> it's quite illegal
[23:17] <BiFiMSX> they already stated the msx scene isn't their goal
[23:18] <GuyveR800> MRC is forcing their way of thinking upon the scene
[23:18] <GuyveR800> saying "you can't know this, coz it's too negative"
[23:18] <Latok> Well, if I would have been Bazix and i would have commercial interests, the msx scene wouldn't be my goal, no. But Bazix choose to let the msx scene know what was about to happen. They did that at bussum 2004
[23:18] <GuyveR800> saying "you can't listen to what guyver800 says"
[23:19] <Latok> to pay sort of respect to the scene
[23:19] <Latok> i think that's quite ok.
[23:19] <GuyveR800> RESPECT?!?!?
[23:19] <Latok> SORT OF
[23:19] <GuyveR800> Respect is sending Cease & Desist letters?!
[23:19] <GuyveR800> FOR FUCKING *FREEWARE* PRODUCTS?!??!
[23:19] <Latok> maybe wrong word
[23:19] <GuyveR800> goddamnit man.. you're so fucking ignorant it's beyond my comprehension
[23:19] <Latok> I mean.....They decided to give the MSX scene the first explanation.
[23:19] <GuyveR800> I'm not saying ANYTHING about this anymore, BASTA
[23:19] <Latok> that's what i mean
[23:20] <flyguille> well, latok, if i was a MRC admin... i will do this: first to remove the OCM button at the top... to put it as like a newspost... or a another link more inbetween all ebay stuff
[23:20] * Latok sighs.....we've been through this discussion for 3 times now....And nothing changes....
[23:20] <flyguille> that will fix the interest conflics
[23:21] <Latok> flyguille, that banner was in fact MY idea. I fucking want that device being produced!
[23:21] <Latok> flyguille, I want to have that fucking thing IN MY HANDS!
[23:21] <flyguille> another thing... can be MRC's somebody sends a letter to Lpadial asking an interview about how goes his proyects.. and to report it at MRC
[23:21] <Latok> flyguille, I don't give a FUCK how rich Bazix or ASCII will get. I want that thing!
[23:21] <GuyveR800> and you're willing to go over dead bodies to get it....
[23:21] <GuyveR800> coz you are!!
[23:21] <GuyveR800> and don't pretend you're not!!
[23:21] <GuyveR800> don't say to yourself that it's not true
[23:22] <Latok> ah come on! going over dead bodies!? Who do I harm then with putting a banner on MRC with a link to a pre order page for such a device?
[23:22] <GuyveR800> man... I don't know what I'll do if I see you IRL.. but you probably won't ever forget it
[23:22] <GuyveR800> LOL
[23:22] <GuyveR800> stop being so naive
[23:22] <GuyveR800> you're just as responsible for the actions of MRC as the Bazix folk are
[23:23] <GuyveR800> stop hiding behind your personal opinion
[23:23] <GuyveR800> !whosaid weakling
[23:23] <MG-Ray> [22:53] <GuyveR800> come on, you weakling!! fight for what you believe in!! MAKE A STAND
[23:23] <Latok> I believe I did defend you, guyver
[23:23] <Latok> therefor, i'm not a hypocrite
[23:23] <GuyveR800> nobody ever noticed any of that
[23:23] <Meits> have seen some conflicts here... i don't like this one... too many strong words... makes me sad...
[23:24] <BiFiMSX> defending guyver in the gossip is hardly public
[23:24] <GuyveR800> Meits: sorry, but I don't like people pretending to be my friend while screwing me over
[23:24] <GuyveR800> and I don't like people pretending to have the best interest for MSX while screwing the scene over
[23:24] <GuyveR800> directly or indirectly
[23:25] <GuyveR800> it's simple.. if you touch sunrise, you touch me, and that makes me mad
[23:25] <GuyveR800> ^___^
[23:26] <flyguille> <Meits> have seen some conflicts here... i don't like this one... too many strong words... makes me sad... <-- you are right i too putme sad
[23:27] <GuyveR800> Latok, my personal opinion, and I told you before but I want to reiterate it strongly: you can sink deeply into shit, for all I care
[23:27] <GuyveR800> and now I ask you kindly to leave coz you're fucking up the atmosphere in here
[23:28] <flyguille> yeah, touch to sunrise is a very dirty low punch!
[23:28] <Latok> yes, I will leave, please let me just have a few more thoughts on all this.
[23:28] <flyguille> ok
[23:28] <Latok> i didn't intend to touch sunrise at all. people were making statements about the OCM being too expensive and I just tried to defend that. 189 euro isn't too much for such a device.
[23:29] <Latok> And i searched for other hardware in the msx scene and came up with sunrise. logically.
[23:29] <GuyveR800> THAT WASN'T IT!!!!!!!!
[23:29] <flyguille> When GuyveR800 said DEAD BODIES... he meant..... ok.. we buys 1CM like right now are.... then we found that i can't be turned into a TURBO R... then comes out a second generation.... and we are screwed up with our OCM
[23:29] <GuyveR800> I said all that happened, read it again
[23:30] <Latok> just a week prior to Rob his anger towards me, I've had a VERY pleasant telephone conversation about things. I ordered a Moonsound as well and stuff. Nothing wrong.
[23:30] <Latok> And then suddenly this reaction.
[23:30] <flyguille> that I means... and that is what i not posts at MRC
[23:30] <Latok> It freaked me out
[23:30] <GuyveR800> Latok: stop looking at things from your personal experiences, SEE THE BIG PICTURE!!
[23:30] <BiFiMSX> that's because you were taking things way out of proportion
[23:30] <BiFiMSX> if sunrise was able to produce 5000 moonsounds the price would've lowered immensely as well
[23:31] <BiFiMSX> or 5000 gfx9000
[23:31] <GuyveR800> but Bazix made sure Sunrise can't sell a proper Game Reader
[23:31] <GuyveR800> and Bazix made sure Sunrise can't make the Game Reader support MoonSound and Gfx9000
[23:31] <Latok> bifi: but I don't have ANY problem with sunrise prices!
[23:31] <BiFiMSX> but you took those prices as a comparison
[23:31] <Latok> BiFi: Please don't read my reaction as: Sunrise products are over priced! I don't believe they are! At all!
[23:32] <GuyveR800> again, MRC/Bazix is damaging the scene in more ways than you are aware of...
[23:32] <BiFiMSX> (and convienently forgot about quantity)
[23:32] <Latok> I wasn't thinking that far
[23:32] <GuyveR800> and again, MRC *can* be turned to good... but it needs to lose all BAZIX connections
[23:32] <Meits> i didn't read it like that either... it's just a comparison of prices... not of profit...
[23:32] <Latok> I was just comparing prices
[23:32] <GuyveR800> Meits: I agree.. but I totally understand Rob overreacting on it, given all that has happened in the past years
[23:33] <BiFiMSX> I would've joined the discussion earlier when you joined, but at that moment I was on the phone... with rob
[23:33] <Latok> Again, MRC has nothing to do with that.
[23:33] <GuyveR800> MRC IS!!!!
[23:33] <Latok> But yes, yes.....If you believe MRC=Bazix
[23:33] <Latok> then it has
[23:33] <GuyveR800> SNOUT IS, BART IS, RIEKS iS, SO MRC IS!!!!
[23:33] <Latok> what about Sander?
[23:33] <Latok> Sonic?
[23:33] <Latok> D-Tail?
[23:33] <Latok> Latok?
[23:33] <Latok> They're all admins
[23:33] <GuyveR800> !whosaid defense
[23:33] <MG-Ray> [23:07] <GuyveR800> you're just there as a defense to ppl that say MRC==BAZIX
[23:34] <Meits> indeed... if someone pulls tricks on me on a certain topic, i'd be mad, but if there's a 'not a trick' on an other subject, i wouldn't pull it out of perspective and add it to the other probs...
[23:34] <BiFiMSX> sonic and d-tail are 'aanhangsels' if you ask me
[23:34] <GuyveR800> you say yourself you have no power
[23:34] <GuyveR800> you say yourself you can't influence the decisions
[23:34] <GuyveR800> this log will do great on
[23:34] <GuyveR800> I'll post everything
[23:34] <Latok> I have 1/7 of the decision 'power' if to call it that
[23:34] <GuyveR800> so the world can truly see what you did
[23:35] <GuyveR800> snout couldn't even keep MRC matters, private matters and GuruLogic matters seperate
[23:35] <GuyveR800> how do you think the world can believe MRC and Bazix are seperate?!
[23:35] <GuyveR800> ROFL
[23:37] <flyguille> MRC and BAZIX is like here TELECOM and ARNET... both of TELECOM SA. and they are trying to makes things that ppl believe that those two companies are not the same.... becuase on other way is a lot like a monopoly
[23:38] <flyguille> if bazix was another company not related with MSX
[23:39] <flyguille> and they share the ppl with MRC that is not problem
[23:39] <flyguille> not interest conflicts
[23:39] <flyguille> but what is happening... are trying to put as a GOD the OCM... but it brings not as we heard as it will be
[23:40] <flyguille> if you looks al the history line on MRC... first was
[23:40] <flyguille> that all!
[23:40] <Latok> I'm still that positive
[23:40] <Latok> I think it's just GREAT
[23:40] <flyguille> great... then come the announces from ASCII... lowing lowing lowing features
[23:40] <flyguille> increasing prices.....
[23:41] <Latok> Still, it's a new hardware device from ascii!
[23:41] <Latok> That's awesome!
[23:41] <flyguille> now. it is a machine upgradeable to MSX2 and msx2+ but as there ... not more
[23:41] <BiFiMSX> it's not even MSX1
[23:41] <GuyveR800> funny how MRC/Bazix is boasting it as their own
[23:41] <BiFiMSX> it lacks a fundamental feature
[23:41] <Latok> cassette :)
[23:41] <BiFiMSX> see? if you know
[23:42] <GuyveR800> cassette is a REQUIRED part of the MSX1 standard
[23:42] <BiFiMSX> if = even
[23:42] <Latok> I just can't be negative about it....sorry......
[23:42] <Meits> ehm, it's not latok's fault that it lacks a cass port... please... don't nitpick...
[23:43] <BiFiMSX> meits, I have been the MRC nitpick of 2005 for months already :)
[23:43] <GuyveR800> Meits: it is partly his fault that MRC doesn't report about any of the not-so-nice features or lack of features
[23:43] <GuyveR800> besides.. it's not about attacking latok as a person
[23:43] <Latok> Well, I do believe I express my doubt on the MRC forums....
[23:43] <GuyveR800> it's about making latok as a MRC admin realise MRC/Bazix is going the wrong way
[23:43] <Meits> glad to see that...
[23:44] <Meits> i bet he figured that out yet...
[23:44] <GuyveR800> I'm sure he did figure it out.. you missed the first part :)
[23:44] <Meits> flamewars can be very painful...
[23:45] <Latok> Meits, no worries, I know guyver isn't attacking me on a personal level. Although :P
[23:45] <Latok> No, he has broader intentions
[23:46] <flyguille> well, i thinks that the lacks of cassette port is not important at all.... because everybody will use an IDE anyway
[23:46] <flyguille> that is not the problem
[23:46] <GuyveR800> flyguille: so you don't care you can't save in Hydlide 3 and Metal Gear?
[23:46] <GuyveR800> just to name 2 popular games
[23:46] <GuyveR800> why does the thing even have a cartridge port, if you can't save ......
[23:46] <GuyveR800> better just use purely hacks from SD
[23:47] <GuyveR800> they save to disk
[23:47] <BiFiMSX> fly, that's not the point... they advertise it to be 100% MSX1 compatible, but it simply isn't
[23:47] <Meits> i once tipped Snout to introduce a 'bazix' user to mrc... to keep stuff more seperated... didn't happen... could've been good to do though...
[23:47] <flyguille> The Castle too!
[23:47] <GuyveR800> Meits: it did happen recently..
[23:47] <Latok> Meits: there is a Bazix user
[23:47] <GuyveR800> but it's still stupid they are speaking about themselves in the 3rd person
[23:47] <BiFiMSX> I think even right from the start
[23:48] <GuyveR800> anyway, I thought you were leaving, Latok....
[23:48] <Meits> never mentioned...
[23:48] <BiFiMSX> bazix will end third as well :)
[23:48] <Meits> please guyv, that would hit me personal if you told me... keep it professional...
[23:48] <BiFiMSX> 1. msx community
[23:48] <BiFiMSX> 2. sunrise
[23:48] <BiFiMSX> 3. bazix
[23:48] <BiFiMSX> or something :)
[23:49] <GuyveR800> Meits: it's so fortunate for Latok that he can HIDE behind the "I didn't do it personally" stuff... but he's just as responsible for it as the rest of MRC/Bazix...
[23:49] <flyguille> all cassette savers are using the MSXBIOS functions? or there is game that uses I/O?
[23:50] <GuyveR800> and the "I did defend you! (In a place where nobody could see it)"
[23:50] <GuyveR800> meanwhile half of the world despises me for the CRAP MRC posts about me publicly
[23:50] <BiFiMSX> it doesn't mean much to me if the defence of an admin isn't public
[23:50] <GuyveR800> flyguille: some games use I/O...
[23:50] <BiFiMSX> that's only loading I guess
[23:51] <GuyveR800> that's why this log /is/ going public
[23:51] <BiFiMSX> most games save using the BIOS
[23:51] <GuyveR800> loading idd... but 80% of MSX1 games were released on cassette.. and then you don't support them? WOW!
[23:51] <flyguille> the bios can be jammed overall if is in scene CBIOS
[23:52] <Latok> Alright, everything has been said, I guess.
[23:52] <flyguille> yeah i remember special loaders to avoid piracy
[23:52] <GuyveR800> Latok: with the last bit of friendship I feel for you, the very last drop, I say to you: WAKE UP
[23:52] <Latok> I've joined this channel not for nothing. As I started, I'm fed up with the whole situation.
[23:52] <Latok> We're a small scene
[23:52] <GuyveR800> yet you refuse to do something about it
[23:53] <GuyveR800> you seem to have come here to change our minds
[23:53] <Latok> No, I've came here to listen
[23:53] <GuyveR800> listen and remain fed up :/
[23:53] <flyguille> maybe, we all needs to go to rest... and maybe will be ok.. if you Latok, comes tomorrow.... and resume the chat
[23:54] <GuyveR800> omfg flyguille what are you saying ^^;;;;
[23:54] <Latok> Which I have done. And I came here to see if some way or another, things can be cleared up. Upto a certain extend. Because I know lots of things have happened.
[23:54] <Latok> extent? whatever....
[23:55] <Latok> Anyway, thanks for all the discussions, you all. Gonna get some sleep now.....bye :)
[23:55] <GuyveR800> fuck you
[23:55] <Meits> laterz Latoque
[23:55] * Joins: ic (
[23:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +v ic
[23:55] <GuyveR800> O___________O
[23:55] <ic> ah.. well.. why not :P
[23:55] <BiFiMSX> wrijf
[23:55] <GuyveR800> ic is back from the dead!!!
[23:55] <ic> always here ..
[23:55] <ic> never dead :P
[23:55] <Meits> hi there ic...
[23:55] <BiFiMSX> resurrection :)
[23:55] <GuyveR800> wb man :)
[23:55] <ic> hehe...
[23:56] <BiFiMSX> I did not C that coming ;)
[23:56] <GuyveR800> I did not C IC ComIng :)
[23:57] <ic> I'm busy.. as usual ;)
[23:57] <flyguille> as I said I am in a weak position here i not lived all that you lived
[23:57] <flyguille> i am not from holland
[23:57] <flyguille> i wasnt at the beggining
[23:57] <flyguille> i not was present in the meetings
[23:58] <flyguille> surely somewhere in every community are fights. flames... ppl disagree all the time
[23:58] <flyguille> some act hurts to ppl... some ppl hurts all the time... some are in middle
[23:59] <flyguille> this community is not too different that others
[23:59] <flyguille> and is not excent of all troubles being a big community
[23:59] <flyguille> this isn't a SMALL one....
[23:59] <Meits> It's a small community with loads of different personalities... opposites meet each other more often then...
[00:00] <GuyveR800> as you've seen this is not about people
[00:00] <flyguille> it is big!... happens that it is divided by the location/language
[00:00] <GuyveR800> it's about the organisation of people
[00:00] <GuyveR800> and how they treat the public, the scene
[00:00] <flyguille> in 4 big parts
[00:00] * makinavaja_ sleeps mode on
[00:00] <makinavaja_> gnite ppl
[00:00] <GuyveR800> gnite makinavaja_!
[00:00] <BiFiMSX> nite all
[00:00] <Meits> bye
[00:00] <Meits> you as well
[00:00] * Quits: BiFiMSX (BiFi@loves.msx) (Quit: It ain't much if it ain't Dutch! :))
[00:01] <GuyveR800> it's not about how MRC banned guyver800, it's about how MRC/Bazix is damaging the scene in many ways
[00:01] <GuyveR800> and more and more people are seeing it
[00:01] <flyguille> GuyveR800 ban can bother to GuyveR800, and to his friends....
[00:01] <flyguille> but I hope that this chat is not about a ban
[00:01] <Meits> I, as a hobbyist can easily avoid bazix and all they do and try to do... the sunrise issue was painful indeed...
[00:02] <flyguille> but it affects anyway the view of freedon in MRC
[00:02] <GuyveR800> absolutely right, flyguille
[00:02] <flyguille> there was an after and a before... YES that is TRUE
[00:02] <flyguille> I joins this comunity becuase I found MRC trying MRC
[00:03] <flyguille> and I am happy that MRC exists and support all the scenne.... BUT BEFORE i was MORE HAPPY than NOW
[00:03] <flyguille> there something change! TRUE
[00:03] <flyguille> something change....
[00:03] <flyguille> IS POSSIBLe to be ok with all ? No, that is not possible... differents thinking ways are always
[00:04] * Parts: Latok (
[00:04] <flyguille> so, by that reason be neutral is PRETTY OK
[00:04] <flyguille> .
[00:04] <Meits> I love being nuetral...
[00:04] <ic> I dont ;)
[00:05] <ic> I have an opinion ;)
[00:05] <GuyveR800> ^_^
[00:05] <ic> but.. at this point.. I dont know what you guys are talking
[00:05] <Meits> ow yes, so do i, but i rather try to keep stuff together...
[00:05] <GuyveR800> ic: Latok came here to try to understand why more and more MSX sceners are turning against MRC/Bazix
[00:06] <GuyveR800> being neutral is always ok, but you should keep your eyes open for all that happens
[00:07] <ic> I think more and more MSX communities will go underground if Bazix will be acting like a 'company'
[00:07] <GuyveR800> ic: that's what I told Latok too.. it's already happening
[00:08] <ic> I could imagine that.. threatining with law suits in the MSX community.. not a good idea.. my 2 cents
[00:08] <ic> but that was like 6 months ago
[00:08] <Meits> the one big problem in this whole company issue is that we all know the people as hobbyists for years... it should've been complete strangers...
[00:08] <GuyveR800> indeed Meits.. that would've made it so much easier...
[00:10] <GuyveR800> it's interesting to see how quickly people can change when they see $$$
[00:10] <flyguille> Lesparre are you?
[00:11] <GuyveR800> that's me, yes
[00:11] <GuyveR800> found some incriminating evidence? ;)
[00:11] <flyguille> i just saw the newspost about judging the msxdev entries
[00:11] <Meits> it's just simply impossible to make money out of MSX...
[00:11] <Meits> there are just sceners left... they won't be fooled
[00:11] <Meits> outsiders are simply not interested...
[00:12] <Meits> they got their 64bit gadgets...
[00:12] <GuyveR800> flyguille: cool huh :)
[00:13] <flyguille> now i will see if i can finaly finish the dynamic method topic
[00:14] <GuyveR800> yeah.. I got totally distracted from developing too ^^;

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Paladin (1012)


19-07-2005, 13:36


By mars2000you

Enlighted (6216)

mars2000you의 아바타

19-07-2005, 13:47

Let's see if this thread will be badly moderated or if finally, the MRC team will open their eyes about the contradictions of their bosses (the Bazix team)

I've always thought that Bazix should be the worst (K)nightmare for MRC.

It's now the moment to see where is the truth and where are the lies.

Attacking Sunrise, the leader in the non-commercial MSX scene, is really a bad thing. Alas, that's what the Bazix team has made.

And it's not the first bad thing. Remember the BiFi IPS patch incident ...

Bazix is only a destructive enterprise, it's time for a new Metal Gear mission Tongue

By Bart

Paragon (1422)

Bart의 아바타

19-07-2005, 13:53

One question Mars2k, and be honest please, have you -even read- the log?

By mars2000you

Enlighted (6216)

mars2000you의 아바타

19-07-2005, 14:03

I have read the complete initial post on msxposse, but I can't for the moment read the answers on this site after my reaction, since I can't reach now (? seems to be saturated).

So, I don't know if eventual explanations have been given since this morning.

By ro

Scribe (4696)

ro의 아바타

19-07-2005, 14:08

So what've we learned from all of this (again)?
Again it's clear who the real hotheaded, and banned for good reasons, person is. It's simply; be polite don't swear too much and keep a clear level of respect to one and other. If you do that you'll survive. On MRC as well as in the REAL world. But some ppl disagree and start shouting.. too bad.

and WHAT or WHO is "the scene" . It's NOT MRC 4 sure. Maybe it's that lonely world Guyver lives in, the poor sap. (yes, I know u read this filth guyv, but I'm just being honoust and that's what you like, not?)
for all I know I AM THE SCENE. (been there since 1984/5, go figure)

and why is it that I for one don't have ANY problem with MRC altho I tend to swear and get rude too (but I learned to do the counting 1...2...3.. ......10)

aah, it's all just too darn funny. I regret Guyver being banned cuz I kinda liked him (yes, I do guyv) and his sarcasm and swearing. finally some good reading material when I'm bored. but, again, he overreacted every single time. even when pointed out. well, thaz HIS problem. just check the logs to c what I mean. Still being the good old hostile guyver I used to know.
let the banning begin, harf harf.

By Sylvester

Hero (554)

Sylvester의 아바타

19-07-2005, 14:11

which episode of the Guyver soap is this ? Is this the new season ? when can we buy them on DVD ?

By ro

Scribe (4696)

ro의 아바타

19-07-2005, 14:12

it's just some old rerun of the whole series, sylverster. and it's still good!

funny detail: seems offline.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9955)

wolf_의 아바타

19-07-2005, 14:13

One thing I need to make clear about my so-called 'brainwashing'.. that's just another assumption from guyver. The real story is something he clearly doesn't want to know about..

When I returned from the clubday this sunday, @ #msxdev:

[21:34] <GuyveR800> kinda lame to attract ppl with handing out the T-shirts tho

Well, that was it! The final waterdrop in the bucket. If you even see conspiracy in *handing out t-shirts to save postalstamps, combined with a nice msx-meeting* then you seriously need professional help. That waterbucket from me was actually rather large, I've a thick skin in fact and can tolerate/ignore quite a lot and I've done so in the past half year, but the last month I could gradually see this point of no return coming. It might be a small waterdrop every time, but they kept coming and kept coming. #msxdev degraded to a fools-community.
In the last year(s) more and more regulars refused to be in #msxdev anymore because they were already sick of it.. I guess I'm one of the last regulars to say the channel goodbye. And considering the reactions on MSN "aaaah, FINALLY you too?", I've been a fool for not doing it earlier.
Well done Patriek, you've finally met your Waterloo. #msxdev is passé, your reputation is now *really* leveled for good, and those few ppl you're surrounded with now, speak with double tongue anyway. I advice you to buy a mirror if you still want the impression that there're people looking at you.

At least a spectacular grande-finale! ..a great movie-script..

(ps. Naturally, you'll be shouting your monthly line on #msxdev again, like "maybe I should stop with everything". Go for it! )

st***d *u*k

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1782)

Jorito의 아바타

19-07-2005, 14:15

I wonder about one single thing: why is GuyveR800 __never__ wrong, and the rest of the world always is?

By ro

Scribe (4696)

ro의 아바타

19-07-2005, 14:22

isn't that the 1 million $ question? neh, not gonna spil my precious time solving that one...

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