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15-08-2005, 22:38

Since a few days, there's also a FAQ on the ASCII site.

I give here the Excite and Babelfish translations :


"Single-chip MSX" Question that is often(FAQ)

The received question was opened to the public as FAQ.

Q: When is "MSX2 upgrade kit" put on the market?

A: Details are not decided because it is adjusting it now though the bundle or the sale simultaneously is examined in this product.

Q: Is the circuit chart of single-chip MSX attached?

A: The circuit chart is published in the average of the pamphlet of the attachment.

Q: Can the start that separates the start and DOS in the DOS1 mode be done?

A: When the system of MSX-DOS1 exists in the SD memory card, it is also possible to start with MSX-DOS1 because it becomes a start system similar to MSXturboR. Moreover, Disk BASIC starts when the system file of MSX-DOS doesn't exist. It is also more possible to separate FDD systematically by the SHIFT start.

Q: How do you see the SD card from MSX?

A: The SD memory card can be used as large capacity FD.

Q: As for the SD card, are not only FAT12 but also FAT16 and FAT32 supported?

A: FAT12 is supported in MSX-DOS1 and FAT12 and FAT16 are supported in MSX-DOS2.

Q: Can the software of the floppy disk version be moved with the SD card?

A: The FDD emulation is not supported in MSX-DOS.

Q: Cannot you use it by connecting USB-FDD on the market?

A: There is a possibility of corresponding in shape of addition VHDL data in the future about USB-FDD. The FDD side becomes, and however, FDC becomes each manufacturer and the driver for unlike becomes distinct with each model. Therefore, USB peripherals are the uncorrespondences most present points because it cannot secure the movement of all USB equipment.

Q: Is MSX-JE installed in the specification , saying that "Equipped with Kanji ROM" though it is?

A: MSX-JE is not installed because of the MSX1 specification. As for the
supply in the future, it is undecided now.

Q: How is the key that doesn't exist in the keyboard for Windows such as SELECT keys allocated?

A: MSX is allocated in the key (for instance, PrintScreen etc.) not used. Details are being adjusted now. The allocation of the key can be freely customized by rewriting VHDL.

Q: Can the extended slot be connected with the cartridge slot?

A: It is possible to connect it.

Q: Are +12V and -12V output to the cartridge slot?

A: To correspond by an easy remodeling, it is examining it though it is not output.

Q: Is the function of only might PSG the sound or MSX-MUSIC and SCC installed?

A: PSG, OPLL, and SCC are installed. It is published in the article on "MSX magazine permanence preservation version 3", and refer, please.

Q: Why is main RAM of MSX1 256KB though there is RAM of 32MB on the substrate?

A: It puts it together on capacity of RAM at least necessary for MSX-DOS2. It is possible to add more memory by changing VHDL.

Q: Are there a cartridge etc. to which it turns out to operate normally with a real machine, and not to operate normally by single-chip MSX?

A: It is verifying it now. It is scheduled to open it to the public separately on the Web page of the MSX association for the operation situation.

Questioned address: E-mail/
- Please acknowledge not answering the question.

- Babelfish

"1 tip/chip MSX" good question (FAQ)

We released the question which it receives as FAQ.

Q: As for the "MSX2 version rise kit", it probably is when to be sold?

A: We examine the bundle, or simultaneous sale in this product, but details are not decisive because presently it is the continuing resolution.

Q: As for the schematic of 1 tip/chip MSX it probably is to belong?

A: The schematic is published in the booklet of attachment.

Q: Separating starting and DOS with DOS1 mode, as for starting it probably is to be possible?

A: Because it becomes the starter system which is similar to MSXturboR, when the system of MSX-DOS1 exists in the SD memory card, also it is possible to start with MSX-DOS1. In addition, when the system file of MSX-DOS does not exist, Disk BASIC starts. Furthermore also it is possible to separate FDD system, due to SHIFT starting.

Q: Is the SD card probably how to be visible from MSX?

A: As for the SD memory card it can use as bulk FD.

Q: As for the SD card not only FAT12, it probably means that also FAT16 and FAT32 are supported?

A: With MSX-DOS1 FAT12, with MSX-DOS2 FAT12 and FAT16 are supported.

Q: As for moving the software of floppy edition with the SD card it probably is to be possible?

A: With MSX-DOS it does not support FDD emulation.

Q: Connecting USB-FDD of marketing, you cannot use, probably is?

A: Concerning USB-FDD, there is a possibility in the future of corresponding in a way, additional VHDL data. However, FDD side FDC differs every manufacturer and the corresponding driver in the respective type becomes separate. Because of this, because operation of all USB equipment cannot be guaranteed, the USB peripheral device at present has become most not yet correspondences.

Q: There is with "Kanji ROM loading" in specification, but is MSX-JE loaded?

A: Because of MSX1 specification, MSX-JE is not loaded. Concerning future supply, at present time it is undecided.

Q: The key which does not exist, in the keyboard for Windows such as SELECT key how is allotted?

A: As MSX for example the key which is not used (is done) allotment such as PrintScreen. Details presently are the continuing resolution. Furthermore, by the fact that VHDL is rewritten, it can customize the allotment of the key freely.

Q: As for connecting the extended slot to the cartridge slot it probably is to be possible?

A: It is connection possible.

Q: Is +12V and -12V output in the cartridge slot?

A: It is not output, but in order to be able to correspond with simple remodelling, it is in the midst of examining.

Q: Is sound is that is just PSG, or probably to load also the function of MSX-MUSIC and SCC?

A: PSG, OPLL and SCC are loaded. Because it is published to also the article "of MSX magazine permanent standing matter 3", please refer to.

Q: To being RAM of 32MB, why it probably means that the main RAM of MSX1 is 256KB on the baseplate?

A: It has adjusted to minimum necessary RAM capacity in MSX-DOS2. It is possible to increase memory, by modifying VHDL.

Q: Operating normally with the apparatus, is there a cartridge and the like where not operating normally with 1 tip/chip MSX has been ascertained?

A: Presently it is in the midst of verifying. In regard to operational circumstance, other way, at the Web page of the MSX association it is the schedule which is released.

Address of question: E-mail/ * when we cannot answer question, because it is, please acknowledge.

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