Interrupts and gfx9000

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By PingPong

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10-10-2019, 20:31

Just to try : in the interrupt routine try to insert a delay loop in the vram access sub routine.
Are you using the ports directly or some gfx lib?
I think that is unlikely that v9990 has issues during the vblank period or the interrupts.
If you are experiencing problems with openmsx and not on real hw it is more unlikely that those issues came out because even if there are issues they need to be first known then emulated

By MsxKun

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10-10-2019, 21:26

Hi, some things.
I tried using ports directly and using the Team Bomba libs, that uses the ports directly.
Adding some delay didn't work, but it's working now, or it seems.

EDIT: No, it's not working Crying I disabled IEH during last test and then it works, but when I use IEH+IEV, screen junk

The last test code is basically this:

		; Code that put GFXs, Palette and so on VRAM, shows image, works fine until here


		; Int setup

		call	DISINT			; Call a routine that Disables VDP Interrupt
		G9kWriteReg G9K_INT_V_LINE_LO,190
		G9kWriteReg G9K_INT_V_LINE_HI,00000000b
		G9kWriteReg G9K_INT_H_LINE,0
		G9kWriteReg G9K_INT_ENABLE,G9K_INT_IEV+G9K_INT_IEH	; enables G9K interrupts
		call	INT_Set		; sets HKEYI Hook

		; RunLoop

.loop:		halt
		jr	.loop

; The Interrupt
INT:		di
		push	af

		in	a,(G9K_INT_FLAG)
		and	3
		out	(G9K_INT_FLAG),a

		bit	1,a
		jr	nz,.a
		bit	0,a
		jr	nz,.b

		jr	.exit   ; just in case

.a:		;nothing at all now, to test what happens, but putting VRAM copies here makes screen junk too

		jr	.exit

.b:		; trying to copy to VRAM 1 single byte... SCREEN JUNK

		LD 	E,0
		LD 	HL,0
		OUT	(C),L
		OUT	(C),H
		OUT	(C),E
		LD 	        A,128
		OUT 	($60),A

.exit:		pop	af

By MsxKun

Paladin (945)

MsxKun의 아바타

10-10-2019, 21:32

Good news!

Fixed. On the past code, there was still some copy to VRAM -After- setting Interrupt hook and -Before- main loop that was causing the mess.
Moved it and now is all ok.

That for your patience with this poor oldie that needs to go to an asylum.

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