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By zett

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25-08-2005, 11:24

In the begining I only go to the fairs just to buy and see the new products.
These days i now some of you guys and I findout that a lot of you see msx like the real world.
The competision the hate and ego's are bigger than in te real world and by real compagnies.
Msx is dead a longtime now. some ppl use it to play games or make games that give that nice feeling of the past. that easy gooing thing.
Do MSX for fun and in your spartime.
see it as a nice extra to real life.
But rember msx is dead and just a hobby.
and when you try to make new (commercial) products that enterd the real world.
remember msx is a old dead very nice idea,but it didn't make it.

greetz zett

msx is fun(for me it is)

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By Konamito

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25-08-2005, 14:17

Maybe all of us are MSX-fanatics. But I don´t think that MSX will be a future in computers´ world. MSX was and today is a good computer system but it´s old.

It doesn´t matter, let´s enjoy our life with MSX, I just wanna have fun with it.

For example: I have to PC and I use them for playing, listenign music, office work, etc. I´m not going to use my old MSX2 to to such a things like that! I just love to insert a Megarom or floppy disk and enjoy my old times with my MSX.

Don´t misunderstand me guys! I´m being honest Smile

By roadfighter

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25-08-2005, 14:21

jabajabajaba If MSX was dead there was no one who would have any interest in it.
As long as some poeple are working with there msx, msx is still alive.
A good example is this forum and site of MCR.

By Konamito

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Konamito의 아바타

25-08-2005, 14:49

I never said MSX was dead, MSX will be always alive if even one user is willing to work on it Smile

Don´t misunderstand me guys!

By Leo

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25-08-2005, 14:50

I also see MSX as a hobby , and it cannot be sued for everything , it could but spending a lot of effort and money.

On the other hand, if there were not fanatics or people seeing in this system any future there would be less interest
less new games , hardware, products ... and fun...

Anyway what is real world ? are Pc real world ? i doubt ...


Enlighted (6843)


25-08-2005, 15:11

I agree with zett.

MSX is only for fun, once you try to get
money from it becomes a business.

As a business MSX is dead 10 years ago.

Try to squeeze MSX for business and
you'll kill MSX again.

By meits

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meits의 아바타

25-08-2005, 15:15

For me MSX has always been a hobby. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't depend on the thing.

It has always been fun to play around with the thing. Especially in the early 90s.

MSXing has changed though, cuz a lot of pippols (sic) left the scene. The group that's still around isn't always friendly to each other. The same happened in the 90s as well, but since the scene was so huge and there was no internet, it mostly wasn't noticed. One could do some antigreets in scrollers or write nasty reviews if one had a (disk)magazine, but that was all.

Due to internet and misinterpreatations, silly stuff easily escallates. I pity that, cuz a hobbyscene is about one common interrests. Just the MSX, and nothing more.

Friends, you chose so you can easily live with them and have a lot in common.
Scenemembers, you don't chose, so most of them will never be friends. That's why I just take my MSX personallity with me to fairs, meetings, forums and irc channels.

There's enough war in the world. It's not needed here. If an MSX place feels hostile or inconvenient in any way, I leave, cuz I only wanna do my hobby in MSX and not have fights or bad feelings because of it.

This sounds all little negative, but luckily there's plenty of people thinking the same about MSX. So those people will always find eachother and keep the hobby alive (next to their real life).

Just wanted to say this, cuz a lot of crap happened recently and I do NOT wish to be part of that.

By wolf_

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wolf_의 아바타

25-08-2005, 15:21

The only 'war' we need is the J-one who's running around naked over the mountains of The Provence in France ^__^
That said ... this is my 2222nd forumpost, yay Big smile

By Tanni

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Tanni의 아바타

25-08-2005, 16:02

Congratulations, wolf_!

By chaos

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chaos의 아바타

25-08-2005, 16:09

/me can only agree with what Meits says.. Smile

By Tanni

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Tanni의 아바타

25-08-2005, 16:16

Has somebody died or why is there such an odd mood in this thread?

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