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By roadfighter

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16-09-2005, 21:48

In the new issue of playstation 2 magazine (Dutch version).
There is a revieuw of Ys 6 and a playable demo on the disk.
The article starts with the remark " as we know Ys from the NES .......", but i always thougt that the first ys (the firts 3 series) was from the MSX console and not from the NES ?
Am i correct ?
If so i will write the magazine a mail and tell them they are wrong !

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By hap

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16-09-2005, 22:27

Ys was released on many platforms, including NES (1 2 and 3).

By Sama

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16-09-2005, 22:40

But I guess indeed the MSX version, together with the PC8801 and PC9801 versions, were one of the first.

By roadfighter

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19-09-2005, 18:30

So they have there facts wrong again, those game magazines have that a lot.

By Serico

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19-09-2005, 19:05

Ys was also released on Sega Master System, X68000, Turbografx 16 CD, Saturn, Windows 98 and Playstation 2.

By MrRudi

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19-09-2005, 21:08

And if I am not mistaken, Ys was also the first game ever to be released on the CD format...I think I read that somewhere...