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By anonymous

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18-02-2013, 12:37

@ mars2000you: Ah, thanks! I see! So, if you reach Level: PRO, can it be considered having beaten the game, or only if you've also played through the levels 13 to 20 in PRO mode? Smile

By mars2000you

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18-02-2013, 12:44

That's a question of philosophy .... the author of the Atari 2600 walkthrough suggests that the final goal is to reach a million points !!! Something for Meits ??? Hannibal

By JohnHassink

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18-02-2013, 12:54

Oof, I was happy to get just beyond 200.000 points before I lost my last life! Big smile

By kabish

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18-02-2013, 15:16

By mtn

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19-02-2013, 17:48

mtn wrote:

The only one I feel proud about:


When I was 11 or 12 or something..
I cannot for my life understand how I managed, seeing as I cant get past level 25 now (34 years old Smile, and heavy usage of save-states to even get to that level now.. heh

Quoting myself and replying to myself Smile Well, anyhow, other games I've finished are Nemesis 2, Space Manbow..

Which leads me into: Manbow 2

Is this still available? I've been trying to find it, but cant find it for sale anywhere, even if that second batch is sold out I think it really should be available as a download, for a decent price ?

By Daemos

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19-02-2013, 20:34

manbow2 can now be downloaded as a rom at sunrise itself. It is for free now.

No more carts...

Manbow2 is HARD by the way. Almost managed to finish it but it is terribly hard. It has all these sick little things that push your adrenaline. Very cool game.

By mars2000you

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19-02-2013, 20:42

Daemos wrote:

manbow2 can now be downloaded as a rom at sunrise itself. It is for free now.

Unfotunaly, it's not a direct download : you need to order it and to use PayPal (what means costs if you are outside The Netherlands), then after 2 or 3 weeks in the best case, you'll receive an e-mail with the file.


Supporter (8)

LDH의 아바타

20-02-2013, 19:30

roadfighter level a and b
ikari, hyper rally, contra, zanac-ex, rastan saga, aleste, aleste gaiden, sd-snatcher, magical tree, yie ar kungfu1, zoo, thunderbird are go, find it, malaika, deep dungeon, 1942(msx2), bubble bobble, bombaman, fighters ragnarok(all fighters), psycho world.

By Akiguchi

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21-02-2013, 21:10

JohnHassink: I don't know how you were able to finish some of these very hard games without cheating, but maybe you have just practised that much. Wink
Especially Eggerland, Famicle Parodic 2, Feud, Fire Hawk, Gradius 2 & 3, Laydock Last Attack, Nyancle Racing, Penguin Wars 2, Undeadline, Xevious, Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2. Those games are just plain frustrating!

Meits: Gorby's Pipeline seems to be also very hard, or maybe I'm not that good on those puzzle games. I can't get very far on Puyo Puyo either.

I forgot quite a many titles from my list that I have also played through like both Snatchers, Mirror Maze and some others.

By anonymous

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13-03-2013, 20:33

Since 1991

Fredy Hardest
Venom Strikes Back
Soldier of Light
Mortadelo y Filemon II
Deep Forest
St Dragon
Aleste II
Aleste Gaiden
Fray MSX2
Fray Turbo R
Mirror Maze
Vampire Killer
The Maze Of Galious
Metal Gear
Solid Snake
The Goonies
Space Manbow
Sd Snatcher
Wonder Boy
Rastan Saga
Ikari Warriors
Dragon Buster
Exoide Z Area 5
Girly Block
Xevious (Mission Scramble)
Ashguine Story II
Asguine Story III
Penguin Wars 2
Youma Kourin (The Wich went down to earth) Also Ninja Dexter
Phantomas saga infinity
Mecha Taisen
Final Fantasy
Lupin Castle of Cagliostro
Buble Bobble
Malaya no Explorer
Fleet Comander II
Be bop bout
Ancient Ys Vanished Omen III (Wanderers from Ys)
Mighty battle skin panic
King Leonard
Bubble Rain
Risk Campaign (Campaign mode)
Donkey Kong (Erbe)
La Corona encantada
Dead Of The Brain
War OF The Dead PART 2 (English translation)

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