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By MicroTech

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05-11-2013, 09:15

@ msxegor:
I like your design Smile
I think a general purpose I/O cartridge would be very useful for MSX users wanting to interface their machine with other third-party hardware (like arduino's peripherals).

A nice feature (if not already planned) would be to make Altera 7128 erasable and reconfigurable by host (MSX) itself, but this, correct me if I'm wrong, would require also a JTAG bus?

By msxegor

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10-11-2013, 14:26

Current design supports altera reprogramming only from separate host. The reasons are:
- yes, we need JTAG bus separate from design, can be easily done with a smallest CPLD but still that's another chip
- altera 7k and 3k devices are EEPROM based, not flash, so limited in reprogramming counts. If you want to experiment with custom logic, FPGA or modern altera MAXII/MAXV devices are to be used, but alas they will need logic level converters (eg, 4 pcs of 74lvcs245) I'm not speaking about BGA packages which will requre 4 or 6 layer board and are very difficult to mount.

By rogermm

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11-11-2013, 22:26

The MSX fat breakout board uses CPLD. Not FPGA.

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