Play MSX sounds on Windows or Mac

By miguel_out

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16-11-2013, 21:16

I love the feel that MSX sounds have. I use to compose music on my Mac and I wonder If there's any app that can play sounds like an old computer. I'll apreciate your answers.
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By meits

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17-11-2013, 01:21

App, as in application? A program would comply and an emulator has turned a retro computer into a program...
Ergo, go find blueMSX or openMSX... Go for the first one for an all in one package and for the second one if you don't Wink

By st1mpy

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17-11-2013, 15:03

Other than using emulators + tracker/sequencer, if you wanted to use MSX's psg sound to compose music on Mac/PC you can get a VST host program and a VST plugins for AY-3-8910 PSG (or other plugins like various FM sound ones).

By MsxKun

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17-11-2013, 16:12

Specially, for only PSG, any VSt with just 1 OSC and square wave is enough. But you have ProtoPSG and Soft PSG VSTi's for more advanced options. For SCC, there's a VST, Chip32 that sounds fine.

Check here:

Of course you can use the MSX for that.

By miguel_out

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17-11-2013, 21:53

Thanks for all your answers. I can' believe how many software is available at Woolyss.

By Metalion

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18-11-2013, 10:54

There's also GXSCC, a MIDI player that uses SCC sounds :

By Marq

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18-11-2013, 20:03

Yzi's used Arkos Tracker for our prods.