Konamito.es unreachable, MSX blue limited to one page

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By Daemos

Paragon (1718)

Daemos의 아바타

23-12-2013, 02:04


I wrote back the email and I haven't get any answer... Was this email from Konami real? I think so.

It doesn't look real to me. It more looks like a sick joke to me to be honest.

By Sama

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Sama의 아바타

23-12-2013, 05:23

Being a lawyer, I would be pleasantly surprised if a website owner would take his website (or part of the content) offline after I sent an e-mail saying I represent a copyright holder and request removal of (part of) the content because of copyright infringements. Most of the times, such e-mails don't have such effects. Such an e-mail is easily sent and doesn't cost any money in case the legal department of a company sends it, but in most cases, the effect will be minimal. I would be surprised if this would be different for Konamito.

Especially when coming from a foreign country, such an e-mail doesn't form a direct threat. International proceedings cost a lot of money and no sensible company would even start to think of starting such proceedings for any MSX website. It's a simple cost-benefit analysis.

So, if I were Konamito and I received that e-mail, my first reaction would simply be a smile. I would reply to the e-mail, and in that reply I would make clear that I'd have my doubts about the mail being sent by Konami's legal department. Let them first show what they've got, before taking any action. Chances of proceedings are really low, so there should be quite some time to find out what's going on.

By tranx

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tranx의 아바타

23-12-2013, 19:05

I agree with Vampier and Daemos that this email is not a standard legal request for copyright infringement. All other emails I have seen are written in proper english, have company letterhead and contact information, deadlines to comply with the requirement as well as consequences if not complying, and references to specific laws that are being enforced. From a legal point of view, this letter is odd.

As already mentioned, with international laws things get more complicated.

This looks fishy to me and if I received such an email I would think this was a joke.

By snout

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snout의 아바타

23-12-2013, 19:29

Apart from that I fail to see how the publication of such an e-mail would result in such a drastic traffic increase that the server went down for multiple days. Perhaps it's a December 28th thing after all and we're going to see a revamped Konamito website before the end of the year. (wishfulthinking)

By mars2000you

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mars2000you의 아바타

03-01-2014, 13:12

UPDATE 03/01/2014

MSX blue will be back online on 1st February 2014 - Planned changes :

* IPS files in stead of patched roms for all Konami/Hudson games
* Extension of this measure to other translated games if the translators prefer IPS files
* No more any visibility for Konami games : reviews and screenshots will be prohibited

By asking more to Konamito than only removing the roms and links to roms, the Japanese company is no more in the MSX spirit, it has forgotten that its big success has started on MSX and that many MSX fans have contributed by their passion to promote Konami games.
If asking to remove also visual and musical data related to their games can be understood from a pure legal approach (intellectual property), it is not acceptable from an ethish approach : by killing the MSX spirit, at least for their games, Konami has lost the faith of his fans and does not deserve any kind of gratis publicity.

Other info : the new blog of Konamito does no more have reference to Konami, as it is simply called MSXblog.
URL (slow access at the moment) : http://www.msxblog.es/

By Daemos

Paragon (1718)

Daemos의 아바타

03-01-2014, 14:28

Are you really sure this mail was not a fake??

By dink

Expert (73)

dink의 아바타

03-01-2014, 19:46

Hello Mars2000you,
I'm glad to hear MSX Blue will be back, as it is such a great resource!

best regards,
- dink

By Konamito

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Konamito의 아바타

04-01-2014, 03:20

Here is the email headers...

Hope yo can figure out if it is fake or not...


By Huey

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Huey의 아바타

04-01-2014, 10:51

Public information found on internet:

Yukako Hamaguchi
International Product Manager - Konami Corporation
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 9-7-2

contact email: houmu1@konami.com
phone: +81-3-5771-0573

I'd say contact him to ask for more details and confimation that the email is genuine. Kind of strange the mail comes from Japan and not from a more local (europe) legal organisation of Konami.
Furthermore as far as I can see this person is a product manager not a legal department employee.

By mars2000you

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mars2000you의 아바타

04-01-2014, 10:56

Check that : http://sdhfuskjfk.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-41.html


This is a notification that your application, BOMBER-MAN, with package ID jp.test.test23, has been removed from the Google Play Store.

Same Konami e-mail !

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