new msx2+ hardware

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By fzanoto

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30-05-2014, 13:34

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By Grauw

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30-05-2014, 13:40

Very nice!

I also like the 4 slots on it Smile.

By hbarcellos

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30-05-2014, 16:34


Keep up the good work.

By Daemos

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30-05-2014, 18:36

Am I actually seeing a full MSX here with a custom made MSX-engine!!!??? wow. Thumbs up! Kudo's indeed.

By fzanoto

Master (190)

fzanoto의 아바타

30-05-2014, 18:40

and the total cost will be very low, near 150 usd

By vanfanel

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30-05-2014, 18:57

Wow, I really hope we can buy it in an end-user form. There are many of these projects, but none of them (except the Altera DE1 board) are available to buy, which in my opinion make them pointless.

By msd

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30-05-2014, 19:18

which z80 used on what freq?

By fzanoto

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30-05-2014, 19:49

managed to 10Mhz turbo

By ericb59

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30-05-2014, 20:18

Yep ! Seems great !

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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30-05-2014, 21:55

i want one

By hit9918

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30-05-2014, 23:27

The board with 4 slot connectors would be the most modular way to build new MSXes.
The only thing that cannot be in slots is z80 and PPI, all the rest could be on cartridge.
The PSG is a candidate to be on board because its role is much settled, there is no sucessor chip.

For flexibility reasons it would be good if one could deactivate the VDP.
Strictly speaking a "pure board" should also make it possible to deactivate PSG.

About Turbos. They should have same bios function as TurboR to switch mode.
The slow mode should be original z80 timing, the fast mode could be anything but should have a VDP brake.
When in doubt the brake should be like 18 cycles at 3.57Mhz.

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