which Joystick do you use?

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By laurentdz

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16-06-2014, 14:42

what is the best joystick to play MSX games for you?

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By Grauw

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16-06-2014, 14:50

By Jipe

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16-06-2014, 17:24

the keyboard Wink

By flyguille

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16-06-2014, 20:48

I have two of these ones rewired for msx, originally these are analog but the same mechanism works as digital. One thing, is the best practice to lock with some glue those analog-center-adjusts.

By Manuel

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16-06-2014, 21:16

I also vote the keyboard Smile

By turbor

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16-06-2014, 21:28

yup, keyboard on the real thing.
Unfortunately, when emulating most PC keyboards seem to have trouble with combinations like UP+LEFT+SPACE so playing nemesis in emulation kinda sucks.

By mars2000you

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16-06-2014, 21:55

You can find solutions for that in blueMSX with the Input editor, section Keyboard. Example : http://www.msx.org/forum/msx-talk/software/sound-test-zanac-ex

By Fabf

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16-06-2014, 21:55

Modded DX pad Smile

By AxelStone

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16-06-2014, 22:25

Fabf wrote:

Modded DX pad Smile

+1, really a great pad with great ergonomy.

By syn

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syn의 아바타

16-06-2014, 23:36

official sega megadrive 6 button pad with joymega adapter by roadfighter

This plays fantastic!, i'd say its the perfect joypad cept it misses real shoulder buttons (although it has a mode button on the right shoulder).. (with shoulders it would basically be a sega saturn joypad (japanese version) , which is regarded by many as the best joypad of all time)

I also got a few Rhino Pad by Rhino Gear /Ascii, which play decent as well, but the dpad is not as good as the official sega imho, but gets the job done.

Hoping to run into a new or decent condition official sega 6 button pad sometimes.

By luppie

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luppie의 아바타

17-06-2014, 00:08

Micomsoft XE-1st Arcade Style Joystick

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