New version of openMSX Launcher

By oelsha

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07-02-2015, 22:50

openMSX Launcher was released. Here's the change log:

-Added favorites support
-Added ability to check for updates from within the launcher and the ability to update automatically
-Made changes to main window
-Allow only one instance of the launcher to run

Bug fixes:
-The extensions list in the Add/Edit profile was not showing the extensions for the latest versions of openMSX after the switch from directories to XML files. This should work now for all versions of openMSX. There is similar to the machines listing bug that was fixed in the previous version of the launcher

Internal changes:
-Switched to an embedded database (Apache Derby) from CSV files to store launcher data. All user's CSV files are migrated to the new embedded database automatically when new launcher is started for the first time
-Old backups are deleted. The new version allows to take backups but they still cannot be restored

You can get the new version from

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By Manuel

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08-02-2015, 00:04

About the bug fix: you can also just ask openMSX which extensions and machines are available. E.g. like this:

$ openmsx -bash -machine (to get all available machine names).

This makes it independent of how openMSX internally manages the files.

Similarly, you can get a lot more info... (I'm using this now too in the latest (still unreleased) Catapult... to get rid of having to specify the openMSX share dir and also to get info on which rom types are available.)

By oelsha

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08-02-2015, 00:55

That's great advice. Thanks Manuel.