MSX World calendars for 2016

by supmsx on 01-12-2015, 12:37
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MSX World, the MSX website of supmsx that recently moved to a new URL, has released a set of multilingual MSX themed calendars for the year 2016. Apart from a generic MSX calendar that is available in no less than 13 different langguages, there are also two calendars available 'only' in English and Japanese: one dedicated to Konami and one 18+ calendar called Peach & Pink, unboubtedly referring to the Peach Up and Pink Sox disk magazines. The calendars appear to be Windows only, packed in an executable Flash-based format.

Relevant link: MSX World - download corner

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17-12-2015, 17:56

Added Catalan language so now 14 languages are available Wink