How many MSXes do you have and why?

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By AxelStone

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10-02-2016, 20:13

msx fan finland wrote:

MSx come and go all the time to/from me.

i have been bought 88msx and sold about 80 to others

i have 8 msx now.

Gradiente Expert 3
Yamaha CX7m128
SVI 728
Panasonic FS-A1 GT
Al alamian Sakhr AX230
Sanyo PHC 33
Sony FB700p
Philips NMS 8280


For curiosity: why do you need to buy 88 and then sell 80? LOL!

By spl

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10-02-2016, 21:36

Meits wrote:

The prices of the damn ordinary Philipses have gone bananas as well indeed... Though, Bas does sell them. You can contact him on his website.

Check the pic of what he had a few weeks ago in Nijmegen. I bet he didn't sell them all.
There's a 8280 with 7MHz there as well :)

Oh ^_^ , thanks!

By makinavaja

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10-02-2016, 23:32

Well, my collection has:

sony hb-55p *2 -> my first computer.
sony hb-75p *2 -> one mint (no box)and another one that I repaired from lot of stuff
sony hb-10p
sony hb-20p -> has problems with main board and keyboard membrane.
casio pv-7
phillips nms8245 -> my first MSX2 computer, bought in 1999
phillips nms8250 -> 2 disk drives and upgraded to 256KB. This machine is always on my desktop
sony hb-f9p -> has problems with board. When the heat inside the computers is quite high, video image start failing :-(
sony hb-700p -> I supose it will be, soon, on the place of the nms8250 (dont like the sound on the 8250)
panasonic a1-fx -> 2+ upgraded to 512KB of ram
panasonic turboR ST -> one of the panasonics are usually on my desktop as the second msx
1chip MSX -> the computer with less use from my collection, dont like it at all

Thats 14 computers. Dont want purchase more now... unless I find a canon v8...
The way of the collector... that loves use all those computers, at least, once every 6 months....

By wernerkai

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11-02-2016, 12:45

Hello, I have about 170 MSX Machines, with some doubles. And it's just because I like MSX very much.

By tvalenca

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11-02-2016, 17:15

You are in a complete different level of retrocollecting, @wernerkai. We're just human beings, you can't compare yourself to us! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Crus

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12-02-2016, 14:45

A little summary:
* 68 MSX (39 distinct)
* 18 MSX2 (14 distinct)
* 2 MSX2+ (Sony & Panasonic)
* 1 MSX Turbo-R GT
Why? good question... oO

By nanochess

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13-02-2016, 00:29

I got two MSX for developing software because I really needed to do tests in situ Smile

National CF-2000 (for testing TMS9928 behavior)
Sony HB-F1XDJ (for compatibility with MSX2 and also for FM testing)

By mars2000you

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06-09-2016, 18:08

Manuel wrote:

Well, I wouldn't draw that conclusion. For all we know, the PHC-77 has the kanji ROM built in *because* of MSX Write being built in.
And as the kanji ROM for MSX Write is just a standard implementation (e.g. it works fine with Konami EC-702) it could also be that they found it a good combination: the MSX Write software and a kanji font ROM.

Anyway, this doesn't say anything about the actual separate MSX Write cartridge, I think. So it's still very well possible that it's included. Also note that according to Tagoo, this cart is 5Megabit. This could be the 512kB program/data ROM plus 128k of font ROM... who knows? Smile

So if someone has the cart, please speak up Smile

The Japanese Wiki gives the answer :

日本語MSX WRITE - アスキーのMSX1対応日本語ワープロソフト。JIS第1水準の漢字ROMも搭載。19,800円。1986年発売。

Japanese MSX WRITE - ASCII MSX1 corresponding Japanese word-processing software. Also features JIS Kanji ROM of the first level. 19,800 yen. Released in 1986.

So, it confirms your intuition: the cartridge includes the Kanji-ROM level 1.

By Uninteresting

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06-09-2016, 18:19

Just an SVI 738. I think my gramps bought it for me and my brother from a furniture salesperson in the late 1980s. I wonder if I should consider myself lucky that it hadn't croaked in the years of disuse.

By Colemu

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08-09-2016, 13:39

Just have the 2 MSX's

Turbo-R ST is my main unit, but I also have a Toshiba HX-10 for problem MSX1 games that won't run on my TR.
I don't like using the HX-10 for too long as it gets awfully hot Shocked!
I would love an MSX1 with 2 cartridge slots, or a reasonably priced slot expander, so I can play the new (up and coming) msx1 game for the GFX9000 on a real MSX1.

I also have 2 other Japanese computers, both X68000. Nice system, but zero development on it these days and lack of translations. I use my MSX's far more.

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