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By flyguille

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18-05-2016, 18:22

AxelStone wrote:
flyguille wrote:

in OpenMSX the sound is like more muffled than AyFX, and it is not about just volume, but in AyFX you can hear that it is rich in details, overall when you poke the registers, sometime you hears some "clicks", that in openMSX not, maybe it is wrong the AyFX, I don't know.

I suposse that it's due to PSG implementation of ayFX editor and OpenMSX. You are right, ayFX sounds more clear and loud, but probably OpenMSX has a closer implementation of real MSX PSG and that not was ayFX editor purpose.

That is a problem, you can't do SFX streams in AyFx, because when you do it hearing the AyFX, then you are very dissapointed about how sounds in the emulator. I needs to compare against a real msx, but haven't one handy.

Then, is the problem, about the difference in sound of the original Ay38910 chip, VS how sounds the implementation inside the s1985 chips and others msx engines. That both don't sounds indentical.


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18-05-2016, 18:24

Not really. The ayFX player is studied to overlap music, so certain settings in register 7 are omitted counting on the fact that the register will be managed by the music player.
Try to design an sfx that ends with a high volume noise, the ayFX player will leave the channel active, the ayFX editor will stop the sfx at its end.

By nitrofurano

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18-05-2016, 21:04

@Grauw: thanks! Smile

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