Moo Niitani returns with Compile 0

by Sama on 27-05-2016, 23:50
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Every MSX lover knows Compile, the company responsible for several legendary MSX games such as Aleste, Golvellius, Rune Master II and of course Randar III. Director of Compile was a man named Moo Niitani. After Compile went bankrupt in 2002, Niitani was said to have joined Compile Heart, a spiritual successor to Compile. Now, Niitani is back with his own company called Compile 0 (pronunciation: Compile Maru).

As Niitani states on his newly launched website, the 0 stands for the beginning of something new. Niitani plans to develop new game software under this new flag, beginning with a game called Nyoki Nyoki.

Nyoki Nyoki is supposed to be a Tetris (or Puyo Puyo if you like) like game. As Niitani states on his website: "if Tetris is the first generation and Puyo Puyo the second, then Nyoki Nyoki could be called the third".

The new website doesn't contain much information yet, but Niitani has started a blog in which he keeps his visitors posted about the activities of the new company. Apart from that, Niitani is active on Twitter.

Relevant link: Compile 0 website

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By Vampier

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Vampier의 아바타

28-05-2016, 06:51

I didn't know Compile-Heart went belly up.

By Sander

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Sander의 아바타

29-05-2016, 00:18

Niitani = one of my heroes.

By J-War

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J-War의 아바타

29-05-2016, 14:42

Mine has always been Vampier !

By hap

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hap의 아바타

29-05-2016, 18:02

and for me BiFi is one of my heroes, I hope this information satisfies you, space !

By Samor

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Samor의 아바타

30-05-2016, 16:17

Vampier wrote:

I didn't know Compile-Heart went belly up.

It didn't. I don't think he is/was affiliated with it either, I think he ran Aiky after Compile and that didn't go too well.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

By gingerbeardman

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gingerbeardman의 아바타

05-09-2017, 13:30

This seems like a continuation of where Niitani got to with final Compile game "Pochi to Nyaa" (ポチッとにゃ~) from 2002. In that game you could leave the matches on the board to form long strings and trigger them by dropping a special spike thing.

By gdx

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gdx의 아바타

05-09-2017, 14:05

Complie 0 sells a game called Dominon X on EGG Project.

By Grauw

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Grauw의 아바타

05-09-2017, 14:24

Javi wrote about Dominion X on MSX-Center: