Moo Niitani returns with Compile 0

by Sama on 27-05-2016, 23:50
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Every MSX lover knows Compile, the company responsible for several legendary MSX games such as Aleste, Golvellius, Rune Master II and of course Randar III. Director of Compile was a man named Moo Niitani. After Compile went bankrupt in 2002, Niitani was said to have joined Compile Heart, a spiritual successor to Compile. Now, Niitani is back with his own company called Compile 0 (pronunciation: Compile Maru).

As Niitani states on his newly launched website, the 0 stands for the beginning of something new. Niitani plans to develop new game software under this new flag, beginning with a game called Nyoki Nyoki.

Nyoki Nyoki is supposed to be a Tetris (or Puyo Puyo if you like) like game. As Niitani states on his website: "if Tetris is the first generation and Puyo Puyo the second, then Nyoki Nyoki could be called the third".

The new website doesn't contain much information yet, but Niitani has started a blog in which he keeps his visitors posted about the activities of the new company. Apart from that, Niitani is active on Twitter.

Relevant link: Compile 0 website

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By Vampier

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Vampier의 아바타

28-05-2016, 06:51

I didn't know Compile-Heart went belly up.

By Sander

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Sander의 아바타

29-05-2016, 00:18

Niitani = one of my heroes.

By J-War

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J-War의 아바타

29-05-2016, 14:42

Mine has always been Vampier !

By hap

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hap의 아바타

29-05-2016, 18:02

and for me BiFi is one of my heroes, I hope this information satisfies you, space !

By Samor

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Samor의 아바타

30-05-2016, 16:17

Vampier wrote:

I didn't know Compile-Heart went belly up.

It didn't. I don't think he is/was affiliated with it either, I think he ran Aiky after Compile and that didn't go too well.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

By gingerbeardman

Rookie (29)

gingerbeardman의 아바타

05-09-2017, 13:30

This seems like a continuation of where Niitani got to with final Compile game "Pochi to Nyaa" (ポチッとにゃ~) from 2002. In that game you could leave the matches on the board to form long strings and trigger them by dropping a special spike thing.

By gdx

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gdx의 아바타

05-09-2017, 14:05

Complie 0 sells a game called Dominon X on EGG Project.

By Grauw

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Grauw의 아바타

05-09-2017, 14:24

Javi wrote about Dominion X on MSX-Center:

By tfh

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tfh의 아바타

11-07-2021, 20:00

Has anyone ever seen a version of Dominon X outside of Project Egg?
Not that the game looks that interesting though, but still wondering Smile

By max_iwamoto

Hero (527)

max_iwamoto의 아바타

12-07-2021, 01:54

tfh wrote:

Has anyone ever seen a version of Dominon X outside of Project Egg?
Not that the game looks that interesting though, but still wondering Smile

Yes, would be nice to see it...

By bsittler

Master (243)

bsittler의 아바타

13-07-2021, 18:59

Just found this wonderful old thread. Nyoki Nyoki is actually one of the reasons I imported the Japanese version of 2DS! Along with the Puyo Puyo games available there. The "long animals" are super cute and interesting chained eliminations are still possible. It makes me wonder whether a fun conversion of either Nyoki Nyoki or the newer Puyo Puyo entries (for instance the Fever variants, or even just 2/Tsū) could be made for MSX machines someday

By Randam

Paragon (1369)

Randam의 아바타

13-07-2021, 19:48

Yeah that would be amazing bsittler