What is the best program to make drawings for MSX1 ?

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By hap

Paragon (2020)

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04-06-2016, 23:30

MSX Gids magazine publisher owns the copyright. It's not freeware, it's not PD.

By mtn

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07-06-2016, 10:02

chalky wrote:
Lord_Zett wrote:

So any tested screen 1 editor?

I downloaded MSX GIDS 15 10 days ago and have just finished typing the whole thing in. I have to say it's an amazing program - I wish I'd had it all those years ago when I was programming MSX games (or trying to!).

I took the liberty of converting it to English, and also created an English PDF manual. I realise that Martin van der Graaff owns the copyright, but if msx.org think it's something we could add to the downloads page I would be very happy to send it. Does anyone know Martin who could ask for his permission?

chalky: Well done!
Not only typing in and translating but also going through the trouble to create a english manual aswell.
I wouldnt mind if you could send me a copy of these files?

By hamlet

Scribe (2472)

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01-08-2016, 19:40

The Creative series are well programmed, so we can swatch graphics from Graphic Master to Creative Graphics and use PrintStudio to sent them to the plotter. Realy amazing. In the 80´s I enjoyed drawing in screen 7 and 8, ´cause it was cool to use such powerfull MSX2 hardware. But nowadays I go back to the roots and use the limitations of screen 2. I did a lot of drawings in my earlier days w/ Creative Graphics, but didn´t realize the plotting function until today.

By sd_snatcher

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29-09-2019, 15:21

Be welcome to publish your MSX drawings on the Retro Gallery, hamlet!

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