How to make good quality stickers/labels for MSX cartridges and disks ?

By Louthrax

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16-06-2016, 21:13

So I'm currently using regular A4 paper and my color laser printer to make my stickers for cartridges and disks. I stick that with UHU stick glue. Result is OK, but far from the quality of originals stickers.

What are your preferred methods ? Special paper ? Ink jet printers ? Maybe websites (you send them a PDF and you get professionnal quality stickers ??).

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By Manuel

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16-06-2016, 23:37

Color laser printer on sticker material perhaps? Would that work?

By Louthrax

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16-06-2016, 23:45

Color laser quality is not that good in fact, at least with my printer (my main usage of it is for fast printing of business documents).

By gdx

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17-06-2016, 01:41

I get a very good result with a inkjet printer and specific films (white gloss vinyl label/sticker) but this film is very thin, It's difficult to avoid air bubbles under the film. Also over time, fine stripes appear. It's inevitable. They are more or less visible depending on the light. Overall this is a good solution but a bit pricey. The cartridge ink runs out quickly.

By Louthrax

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17-06-2016, 11:22

Thanks GDX & Eric. Very nice & complete tutorial BTW Smile, I'll give it a try (and see if I can clean up my laser printer).

By ericb59

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17-06-2016, 14:15

Best laser printers for graphics printing are From HP. 1200x1200 DPI. Around 300€ for the printing... and the same amount of euros to change toner cartridges !! oO

By Bastiaan

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23-06-2016, 20:36

Print on A4 size sticker sheets
Than seal the whole sticker page (with a thermal device so your page has a thin layer of plastic on both sides)
Cut the page to label size
Put the plastified sticker labels on your cartridge