ZX-Uno have a new MSX1 core!

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By jltursan

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07-11-2016, 10:09


It was actually that the last three sprites (29, 30 and 31) were not being rendered. Belavenuto worked together with FRS to have that sorted out and they ninja'd it really fast. Cool

Hey, nice one!. They're doing a great job with this core. Maybe there's enough space to replace the good old TMS implementation with a 9938 or 9958 one... Smile

By l_oliveira

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07-11-2016, 13:24

That won't happen, because they already used all the available memory on the ZX-Uno. There would be no space for VRAM data and for MSX2 sub-rom (MSX2 has bigger BIOS so VDP and MSX2 specific stuff like boot animation code and data live on that extra 16KB rom called sub-rom).

By Fabio Belavenuto

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11-11-2016, 14:27

Fabf, there is not enough space for this board! Sad

By gaula82

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11-11-2016, 16:23

@Fabio: any chances for 50Hz video mode? Some games designed for PAL are too fast (60 is still preferable of course).

By Fabf

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12-11-2016, 13:10

Hi Fabio
Just saw your source, I'll start with EP4CE6 first and maybe try to do something with EP2C5.
Many thanks for your work Wink

By Fabf

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08-08-2017, 22:43

Hi all

Juste to say many thanks to Fabio for his amazing work with the MSX1 FPGA.

My friend Metalgear2 (MSXVillage) and me have buid a version using a smaller and cheaper FPGA : EP4CE6.
We need to use SCART instead of VGA but we made some nice improvements :
256 KB RAM.
512 KB SCC RAM to load ROM.
Mapper selection with keyboard.
Blue config loader.

Here the beast Cool

The icing on the cake is we also adapt the Coleco core to this board :D

By Fabio Belavenuto

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09-08-2017, 15:16

Fabf, good job!

There are some updates to the sources, then confirm in git.

By Lord_Zett

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09-08-2017, 16:12

nice small pcb! lovely. now hoping it will work like a real msx2 in the future!

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