Rune Master 2 - English patch

By Colemu

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22-01-2017, 19:22

Hi Peeps,

does anyone happen to have the English translation patch for Rune Master 2?

I have managed to find the ones for 1 & 3 on, but can't seem to find 2 anywhere Question

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By Randam

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22-01-2017, 19:44

You can find a slightly updated version over here:

It has just some minor fixes compared to the Oasis version. It's no new translation.

By Meits

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22-01-2017, 19:48

Must be this one

By Colemu

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22-01-2017, 19:56

Thank you!!! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By LaDolceDols

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22-01-2017, 23:20

My first time in Nijmegen, but hopefully not my last. MSX. Boy, did I spend lots of time on that machine, and boy like a ghost I disappeared from the scene (but there's a story to it, but I only understand it myself since yesterday). Yesterday was a kind of a return for me, although I really don't know what the scene is about right now. I now know I really missed some people who are in it. Kind of a cathartic experience and a realisation how disconnected I was from my youth since I left the scene. It was good to see you guys, Jan-WIllem, Jorrith and Ramon, it was great to see you. And it felt kinda strange; seeing each other again after so many years of being disconnected. Manuel, thanks for organizing this, keep it up. John: great to see you again dude, too bad we didn't talk more to review our lives of the past 15 years. THat's for next year. Thanks everyone. Rieks, Mister Vroemisse, Turk, I missed u guys, Koen.