Unable to download msx-basic5.

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By msxvr

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16-04-2019, 14:11

Ups .. sorry .. DanySoft .. I have seen your messages just now Sad

Well .. MSXBASIC 5.0 was a project seed of the MSXVR Project. It was discontinued and introduced as a part of the MSXVR computer. The page of the project is: http://msxvr.com
There you could find email and social nets links.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Best Regards!

By DanySoft

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17-04-2019, 15:36

I have already visited your site... Big smile

In that case, I ask to be able to leave an app with the older version for Window, so that I can use the MSXBASIC (4).

To note that I have just written, I am that of the high memory of BASIC, I am very interested.
I plead with having to change the number of sprites and NOT only 32 sprite !! Even in a row with horizontal limit 4 or 8 I don't care anymore !!!
At this point, if you are determined not to ascertain this small solution that I suggested, I fully agree with the default settings of the MSXBASIC(4) and SPRITE.
Good luck @msxvr !!
And congratulations on your work Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

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