Japanese Speech Samples in Games

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By LeandroCorreia

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21-09-2017, 06:00

I'd like to understand what's spoken at the intro of Super Laydock.

By hamlet

Scribe (4105)

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21-09-2017, 10:38

What is spoken in Testament?

By ren

Paragon (1932)

ren의 아바타

21-09-2017, 11:19

wyrdwad wrote:

Whoops! Somehow failed to notice this was only for Japanese games.

A while ago there was this topic: MSX games with speech.

Imanok wrote:

@ren: she says her name (Ellinor Waizen) and something else at game start.

For every weapon she says something different (the (name of the) weapon I reckon)?

By meits

Scribe (6533)

meits의 아바타

21-09-2017, 11:25

LeandroCorreia wrote:

I'd like to understand what's spoken at the intro of Super Laydock.

Some parts are quite open to debate, but what's clear is googlable (wutt? is that even a word?).
This is what google gave me:

This is the Union Cosmos Forces Commander. Carry out LAYDOCK plan, carry out LAYDOCK plan.
Request dual fighter to sally.

--This is dual fighter. Roger. We'll do right away.

By Imanok

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21-09-2017, 12:17

ren wrote:

For every weapon she says something different (the (name of the) weapon I reckon)?

That's it Smile

By ren

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21-09-2017, 12:36

JohnHassink wrote:
ren wrote:

[*]Aleste 2 (anyone knows what she's saying btw? I reckon after choosing a weapon she calls it out (it's name)(?) (Perhaps someone can confirm if it matches the names from the manual (see msxrepo)? And what about after pressing space @ title screen? Curious here :))

Yes, those are the weapon names ("round cutter", etc.), and at the title screen, it's something like "I, Ikinori/Ellinor (?) Wison/Waizen, will go for it" IIRC.


Still would like to know all weapon names she's calling (Japanese, translated & Romaji) :)
I don't know how to type Japanese, otherwise I would have translated the stuff from the manual already. (I could look at various OCR conversion options of course, haven't done that already.) (So any tips in that regard are welcome ;))

By Grauw

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21-09-2017, 13:38

Typing Japanese is pretty easy, just add the Japanese IME to your keyboard settings and you can type in romaji which will appear as kana, and convert to Kanji by pressing the space bar, etc. Probably Youtube has some nice short tutorials.


By ricbit

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21-09-2017, 13:58

Aleste 2 opening:
Ellinor Waizen, hasshin shimasu

The Aleste 2 weapons follow the manual, more or less:
1 Round Cutter
2 Thunder Blast
3 Big Laser
4 Homing Tracker
5 Mug Destroyer
6 Grab Bomber

I don't know about weapon 0. The manual says Beam Booster but it doesn't sound like that.

By JohnHassink

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21-09-2017, 17:16

The 'mysteries' in my initial question seem to have been solved, thanks to a kind commenter on my video. Smile


Eggerland 2

"Meikyu Shinwa" (indeed what Manuel said earlier)

"Round Start"


Youma Kourin

これでまかしたつもりか (Korede makashita tsumori-ka?)
"Do you intend on going through with this?" (I think)


Ninjya Kage

かげさんじょう (Kage-san jyo)
Something with "mister Kage" (kage means "shadow" by the way)

さらばじゃ (Sarabajya)


By ren

Paragon (1932)

ren의 아바타

21-09-2017, 17:31

Hi ricbit,

Ah yes, now I hear some resemblances here & there.. Though some words spoken do not seem to match the English weapon names very well. I was under the assumption a bit the Japanese would reveal what's being said, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I tried some OCR using Online OCR (.net) & Paperwork:

0. Beam Booster
無 Mu (zero/nil) 制限 seigen (restriction)
-> aka: unlimited

通常 Tsūjō (normal) 弾 dan (bullet) 強化 kyōka (reinforce) ユ yu 二 ni (two) ツト tsuto (shot?)
-> Dual shot reinforced bullets

1. Round Cutter
時間 Jikan (time) 制 sei (system)


4. Home Truquer
時間制 (see 1.)

追尾 Tsuibi (following/pursuing) ショツトshotsuto (shot)

5. Mug Destroyer
弾 Tama (bullet/sphere/orb/...) 数 sū (several) 制 sei (system)

拡散 Kakusan (scattering/spread) ウェーブ wēbu (wave)

6. Grab Bomber
弾数制 (see 5.)

大型 ōgata (large) シェル sheru (shell) 弾 dan (bullet)

(For Round Cutter I originally got 問 instead of 間.. slight, but problematic difference.
And this one is cool as well: 卜 vs ト .. Tongue)

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