Painting NMS8235/8245/8250 case? Anyone ever tried?

By olliraa

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27-11-2017, 13:43

Aa we all know, the "shiny" original paint of those computers is very prone to scratches and other wear and tear. Has anyone ever tried to paint the case? If not with the original color, but something close instead?

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By TheKid

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27-11-2017, 14:53

Ask lord zett, he knows as he made many ase mods Smile

By Samor

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27-11-2017, 16:57

Nice exotic mods, I think I've seen them at fairs too?

It's true though, wherever you see the normal VG/NMS models, they're scratched + yellow keys.

By hamlet

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28-11-2017, 11:33

Nice mods, lord zett!
We also tried modding our way:

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