"Repairs you can print" contest

"Repairs you can print" contest

by Danjovic on 01-03-2018, 00:01
제목: MSX Related
태그: 3D print, contest, winner
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A Casio PV-16 that have both missing trigger keys replaced by 3D printed counterparts was one of the winners of the "Repairs You Can Print" contest from Hackaday.

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댓글 (3)

By Sander

Ambassador (1854)

Sander의 아바타

01-03-2018, 20:53

It looks ok, but it reminds me that 3D printing has some future ahead.

By zett

Hero (606)

zett의 아바타

04-03-2018, 11:06

hmmm. 3d printing is nice. me got 2 printers now. just printed a part for a monitor . hope full i learn 3d drawing and make more parts for msx.

By gdx

Prophet (3812)

gdx의 아바타

04-03-2018, 13:09

Next step: the front of Philips NMS-82xx! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers